11 July 2010

a simple shout out.

Thank you thank you thank you. All you new followers (and old!) make me so happy. 28 isn't really very much, but it's better that the 7 that I had for almost a year. I love that you guys read what I write. I love it when you comment. I love getting to know you all, even if it's just through the internet. I love it when we start conversations and we become friends. Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I write. You guys rock.

I did promise more stories, didn't I?...well, my friend Anna almost got hit by a police van that pulled over onto the edge of the road, nearly hit her, then the officer started yelling at her. We accidentally got henna on the baby, we got kicked out of the swimming pool late at night, I accidentally picked up a crab in the ocean, I ate too much beef bacon and realized that I don't like it, I watched a stupid movie, was given a camera for a birthday present, got tan (tan! not sunburnt!) had some great conversations with new friends, and laughed at my room mates when they talked in their sleep. We have so many memories and jokes, things that we'll laugh at but no one else will. It was really a great week! :)

Watch these videos. Hot kool aid and 25 things about facebook are both amazing. They have nothing to do with anything, but they made me laugh. So watch them. They're funny.

GO NETHERLANDS! Come on, you can win it!


  1. I was rooting for them as well. Spain had a good goal. But still sad.

  2. wwwwhhhhatttt?????!!! u Have to kill with reason????!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh my gosh... I just had come the point where I knew I was never going to get it and I was wallowing in my own sadness! Oh my gosh! Thank yoooouuu!!!!



    With Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann

  3. Katie it is awesome being able to hear about your adventures abroad! I'm happy to be one of your followers...and appreciate you being one of mine haha. I think I'm up to three now and hopefully one day I will be as popular as you! I pray you continue to have an awesome time and God teaches you lots of cool stuff! Looking forward to seeing you this fall and hearing about it in person! Much Love! Sarah

  4. Sara- both teams did well, and yes, very sad.

    Bleah- I tried to email it to you twice and it won't let me! Do you have another email I could try? my email is katiebk12@gmail.com, you could try emailing me and I can reply. I hope that it works!

    Sarah- thanks so much! I really miss seeing you guys, and I can't wait until the fall when we can hang out again!


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