10 August 2010

to do: (everything last minute.)

Listening to: Looking Up, by Paramore.
Quote love: “It hurts to love, but it’s worth it. Love wouldn’t be so beautiful if you didn’t have to die a little bit to create it. Love has always cost pain.” Donald Miller.

1) Go to Petra.
Petra is a Nabataean ruin, a city carved into a hill. The archeological dig that I went to was built by the Nabataeans, both over 2000 years ago. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to go, and it's something that I've planned on since the beginning of the summer.  Likely I'll go on Thursday, cutting it just a little close to when I leave.

2) Shop.
If you know me well, you know that I'm not much of a gift giving person. I do like to give and receive gifts, but it's not the most important thing for me. I do want to bring back things for my family and friends, and I haven't gotten much at all. We'll try to go downtown tomorrow, maybe, so that I can get some things to bring back with me.

3) Pack. 
This is just as, or more, important as the other two, but just a little easier. I already have everything except for my clothes packed up, and thankfully, I have enough room. I'll probably finish packing on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. 

I'm just a little concerned about getting everything done, after all, I do only have two days left. The closer I get to leaving, the more I'm ready to get home. It's been a really great summer, and I'm not at all ready for it to be over, I'm just ready to be home.


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