07 September 2010


Listening to: A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack. 
Quote love: “She took a doubtful step and then undid it.” Robert Frost

1) I was awake in time to see the sunrise this morning. It's a funny thing, being up this early. It'll become normal the longer school goes, but now it seems special, being up early enough to create your day.

2) I finally figured out how to upload new fonts onto Gimp. As of now, I've only edited one photo using one of my new fonts (my little sister's new header.) I can't wait to get more pictures up and edited. Gimp has quit twice since I upload the 80+ new fonts. Could it be because of the fonts? I really hope not.

 3) I wish that I could live in September and October, when the leaves are changing to gold and red and dark brown. The air is getting cool and crisp. We've had an apple spice candle burning constantly for the past few days. My brother had his first soccer game today. Soon we'll go up to an orchard and pick apples. Fall is finally here.

 4) New favorite picture. ^


  1. Oh I love the last photo! Very cool :)

  2. I'm stealing the last picture for my wallapaper. I do that a lot.

  3. I love those pictures! I deff agree to the living in fall :) It's the best.

  4. Carlotta- aww, thank you :) Originally it was supposed to be one a clothes line, but the wind wouldn't stop blowing long enough for me to take a good picture.

    LF- yay! It makes me happy when people do that :)

    Ponyboy- first, I haven't used that nickname in forever. secondly, thank you!! :) thirdly, it's retarded that there's not somewhere where it's fall all year round. it's summer all year round in a lot of places, so why not fall?


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