22 September 2010

happy fall.

Listening to: How to Save a Life, by the Fray
Quote love: “If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll

My room smells like warm coffee mixed with Stride gum. The old, dusty book smell (irreplaceable to people like me) winds in and out of the heavy coffee scent. On a good day, the outside air comes in, filling the room. It pulls the fresh-off-the-line sheet smell and twirls it through the smell of Redken Fresh Curls that lingers in the air by my mirror. The rain pounding down outside my open window comes in, puddling slightly at the edges of the broken windowsill.

I stand close to the window and run my hand across the screen. The rain is coming in harder now. The countryside comes alive in the rain, the heavy gray sky overshadowing the vibrant greens and reds. This is fall: bright colors, cool days and cold nights, crisp air, bright stars scattered across the sky like so many pieces of broken diamonds. Fresh apples, slowly burning fires, long hot showers, rain pouring down.


  1. After reading your cute texts, I had to watch The Fray-video ;)

    Love the song!!!

    Happy autumn,

    xo, Mel


  2. wish it felt like that here, alas, we're still stuck with 90 degree weather. stupid southern climate:) love the visual-ness of this post! brilliant! (i sounded British:) BTW, LF and I have been saying "beer can" like crazy. Super-mondo awesome. Ya'll deserve props for that idea:)!!!


  3. this is so pretty, i'm jealous...but i don't know if
    i'm more jealous about...the weather or the way you write.

  4. ....old books and stride gum :)

  5. Mel-It's amazing isn't it? happy autumn to you to!

    PB&J- so right after I saw your comment last week, I realized that it was gonna be in the 90s the next day. I can sympathize. aww, thank you :) haha, I totally didn't make it up...I saw it on my friend's tumblr and I've been telling everyone I know about it :)

    LF-thank you so much! it seems like autumn is late this year, doesn't it?


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