20 September 2010

the list.

Listening to: Golden, by Switchfoot. 
Quote love: "If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats." Lemony Snicket

 1) booksneeze. thanks to Thomas Nelson publishers, I received a free copy of You Were Made to Make a Difference, by Max Lucado and his daughter Jenna. (Thomas Nelson publishes Ted Dekker and Donald Miller books- both two of my favorite authors.) It's a great program, and who doesn't like receiving free books?

 2) I'm famous in Australia. that may be more than a slight exaggeration, but the article I recently wrote with my dad had good reviews from there. Someone reblogged one of the quotes...thanks so much Dad for interviewing me, and thank you for your kind words about the article!

 3) my day: school; check the mailbox; more school; coffee break & check the mail box; open Google Reader, catch up on blogs; school; check the mail box. I'm realizing more and more how impatient I get when I have something in the mail...recently, my iPod nano 4th gen, Booksneeze book, giveaway prize, and now, the best yet: a Pentex k100 d DSLR. I bought it Saturday night, complete with the stock lense plus another lense. I cannot wait for it to get here. Saturday night I wrote on my best friend's wall to tell her that I bought it, and my amazing aunt commented and asked me if I wanted a film SLR and two more lenses for my new DSLR. Of course! Now, waiting, waiting.

 4) fall mornings are the best. beautiful sunrises, clear air tinged with old bonfires, wind swirling around the fallen leaves and dried grass. It's absolutely lovely.

 5) my mother leaves the day after tomorrow. it's the big trip to the Netherlands and England, and I can't express how much I wish I was going with her. Every few days I get a deep longing to go back and visit everywhere I miss. I keep reading Carlotta's blog about her trip in Germany...I miss it there too. It's funny how pictures of even my old country's neighbor make me want to go back.

How has your week been?


  1. I love that Lemony Snicket quote.BY far one of my favs from him. This week? Insane. Next week? Insane. Pray for me.

  2. I love this post so much! Hope you're having a wonderful week! So cool about that article of yours!

  3. Hey, I love your list...I always do lists myself during the day ;)

    Why did you move away from Bradford? I've never been there, except for the airport (or isn't it in Bradford?).
    Have your ever done a tour through the Dales for more than one day? I so much would like that. Last year I saw many people camping there, while I sat with lots of seniors in a little bus...singing...

    xo, Mel


  4. LF-I do too! He cracks me up, and they always make me smile. Of course I can! What's going on?

    Candice-thanks so much :) I hope you have a lovely week too!

    Mel-thanks! I do too...it helps me think.:)

    My dad's job brought us there, and then they transferred us back to the states. I've always been sad that we couldn't stay. I haven't, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I have to put that on my list of things to do :)


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