28 September 2010

repeating old words.

Listening to: Live it Up by Group 1 Crew.
Quote love: “One was a book thief. The other stole the sky." Markus Zusak, from the Book Thief.

I began and finished the Book Thief this weekend. I was in a van on the way to Chicago when I finished. I sat there with the book in my hands for a few minutes before I put it down; I crawled into the back seat and lay there, debating whether I wanted to cry. It was amazing, beautiful, and sad.

I'm head-over-heels in love with Darcy. He's amazing...he works well, takes beautiful pictures, and he's completely amazing. I haven't had to edit any pictures since I've gotten him.

My giveaway. Yeah, that one. You followers are so disappointing sometimes! I had all of two people enter, one of them being my sister. So here's the thing: I'm postponing it indefinitely. I will probably open it up at some future time, but for now, I'm closing it down. Speaking of my sister, Darcy takes great pictures of her. :)

Fall is finally here. I could go over everything again, but I've said it all: Pumpkin Spice Latte, beautiful fall leaves, You've Got Mail, bonfires, wool socks and boots, comfy old hoodies.

I keep expecting this autumn to be like last year. I get tripped up when I realize how different everything is, and how much I've changed. This time last year, all my time was spent at soccer games and church. I would try as hard as I could not to miss a game. We would huddle under blankets and hoodies against the cold and the rain. Every Sunday and Wednesday night I would be at church, and I loved it. I started my sophomore year somehow expecting it to be like my freshman year: before my friendship with someone incredibly close to me shattered. It's different now, but in a good way, I think.

Darcy take gorgeous pictures, and this one is my new favorite. :)


  1. sorry we let you down as a follower. i've really been meaning to read that book. you make to sound so good. live it up by group 1 crew is an awesome song. did you get it free on itunes last week? sadly i had to pay for it.

  2. aww sorry about that! :( I love that song! Fun fact: I'm in the soon to be released music video for that song! They came and filmed some scenes where I went to school last year, and I got to be in them! :)
    Fall is such a lovely time of year! Oh, and your lovely Darcy sounds like such a fabulous purchase..wanting one myself!

  3. Great pictures Katie!! Must be an awesome new camera... lucky girl! ;) And I also saw you made a code for your blog button! That's sweet! :)

  4. Hey Katie,
    I'm opening a blog design business this coming Friday - Oct. 8th.
    I'm having a "sale" of sorts and if you're interested go here for more information:
    I'd love it if you'd mention it sometime!

  5. Hi katie! Just stumbled across your blog and i think its adorable! :)

    I love fall! I think it's got to be my favorite season. :) Yumm I can't wait to get the pumpkin spice latte... I've been really craving it.

  6. I left you a comment but I don't think it went through! Bummer. Have a good day & I love the blog :)

  7. LF- it's totally fine, you guys entered. I love it! haha yeah :) I love getting free music on Tuesdays.

    Candice- that's so cool! :) he's amazing.

    Sophie- thank you for the button! did I ever end up sending you the link that said how to make a code? I was gonna do that...

    Riah- thank you for the comment!

    Courtney- thanks so much for the follow and comment! mmmmm, Starbucks sounds amazing, doesn't it? :)

    Jincy- thank you! :)


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