13 November 2010

my apologies.

My two weeks off were amazing, thank you very much. Even though originally, it was only one, I just couldn't seem to write anything.

I had a lot of extra time, full of good books (I think I managed 10 the first week-a record for me), lots of rest, and focus on important things like school and my lovely family.

I'm ready to get back into the whole blogging world and write real posts, take to do something more than a choppy list and a few pictures. Not writing for awhile puts things in perspective, what's important. I can't wait to jump back in.

What's been up in your life? I feel like I've been gone for a long, long time- I have been reading blog updates and whatnot, but without the whole commenting back and forth, it doesn't feel the same. So let me know what's going on in your life!


  1. glad you're back. 10 books!? That sounds so nice. I have so much to read, right now I'm just trying to finish HPDH before the movie (or at least the beginning of it).

  2. oh, and the quote..."it was Monday and they walked on a tightrope to the sun." sigh. That man is a genius. An artist.

  3. Hi Katie! You won the Vintage Pearl prize at iheartfaces--YEA for you! I won one earlier this year. It was SO hard to choose!

    Look at your photos and your quotes! Yes, beauty like a kaleidoscope. You are right! Jealous of your new camera, but you had the "eye" long before it arrived.

    And I agree, Jesus uses a mac. You're darling. Sorry you don't live next door to me. :-) But VERY glad you won!

  4. LF- first off, I'm SO sorry about not sending you that book. I promise I'll get it in the mail soon. (also, I may send another book with the first one.)

    It was great...I love having stuff to read. Oh.my.gosh. Yes. He's amazing. that's my favorite quote from the book. :)

    Tracy- I'm so happy about it! Thank you! You're so sweet. :)


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