30 November 2010

smiles all around.

Listening to: Joy to the World by Sufjan Stevens. 
Quote love: “That's the way things come clear. All of a sudden. And then you realize how obvious they've been all along.” Madeleine L'Engle
I have a complete jumble of things that I want to say, and none of them really amount to their own post, so I suppose I'll combine them. 

Thing 1) One of my favorite weekends of the year is over, and I'm ready for Christmas now. I'm not really a holiday person, more of an inbetween person. I like fall and spring, mild, inbetween seasons. I could do with just a few weeks of winter/summer. But. This year is a little different. I'm looking forward to the holidays more than usual. I have a feeling this has something to do with the youngest sister announcing how many days until Christmas everyday. We're planning on putting up our tree tonight as well as the Christmas decorations. I've had my Christmas music playing all week, and now, I'm ready for snow.

Thing 2) Dear followers, I love you all dearly. I'm so thankful for you. However, sometimes it's difficult to find the links to your blogs and whatnot. This makes me sad because I love to connect to you, and that's hard to do when it depends on you commenting here, and my reply back to that. So please leave me your link so I can drop by and get to know you! 

Thing 3) I'm loving the weather around here. Today it's been rainy and wet. I love that. The rain, plus the Book Thief (I'm re-reading it; it's that good.) and a mug of eggnog-coffee makes a perfect day. 

Thing 4) In a few very short weeks (likely after Christmas; I'm still not sure about the timing.) there's going to be a Paperdoll blog party! I'll give more details in my next post. It should be a lot of fun.

Thing 5) How were your weekends? Restful? Crazy shopping? Good family time? I'd love to know! I stayed home for most of my five day weekend, and it was so nice to not have anything to do. Just a few more weeks of school till Christmas break!


  1. Hi there :)
    I'm a new follower...great blog! I love your pictures!
    I had a great weekend! Thanksgiving was awesome! We hosted it at our house this year. My mom and sister and I got out on Black Friday to do some shopping and got some great sales! And we put our Christmas tree up, as well. :)
    By the way, it's raining here where I live too. ;)
    Here's the link to my blog: hellohighlights.blogspot.com


  2. Yay! Paperdoll blog party, I was wondering when that would be. I know I wanted to reread the book thief about a month after I finish, sadly though I lent it out so no rereading for me right now.

  3. AMAZING pictures!! :)

  4. Our break was CRAZY! i was totally exhausted! But, I am totally excited about Christmas, though I am a huge holiday person, (excepting Valentine's day, which for some reason I don't like at all) Glad you hadf a wonderful time! Rain+books=good time:)


  5. i love sufjan stevens! especially his christmas music. c;

  6. I'm loving the last photo!
    Here's my link :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Now I have to go fix a cup of mint hot chocolate before I start on my homework. :)

    I loved "The Book Thief." It's one of those books that definitely sticks with you. It was so haunting that I'll have to wait a while before I read it again.


  8. Katie- when I saw your comment, I legitimately thought that I had posted that comment myself. Thank you so much for following! That sounds like fun. :) Ahh, I love the rain. Although now, the snow has started coming, but that's ok.

    LF- I can't wait for it...I'm still waiting on some stuff, but I'll let you know when it starts :) it's been like two months since I read it, so I decided it was time again. I hope you get it back soon!

    Gaby- why thanks dear!

    PB&J- that's so sad! breaks should relaxing not crazy. :P I don't like Valentines either. last year was ok, but usually, it's not cool.

    M- I keep hearing so much about him, but I really haven't heard any. what's his best?

    Laken- ohh I love your name! thank you for leaving your link, I can't wait to check it out! :)

    Kristin- thank you! that sounds so good :) What was your favorite part/character? I think what made it SO amazing was the perspective it was told from; I mean, you don't get books narrated by Death all that often.


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