29 June 2010

other, more important, news.

My Google is in Arabic. It's driving me crazy. The writing is on the wrong side of the page, and even though the search results are in English, everything else is in Arabic.

Other, more important, news:

I'm going to be gone for a week. On Thursday we leave for a conference. We'll be gone until Friday (Saturday?) of next week. I'm so excited. Pools, beach access, air conditioning. Oh yeah, it's a five star hotel and resort. I'm not bringing my laptop, but I've scheduled a few posts while I'm gone. I hope that I'll get lots of pictures.

While I'm at the resort, my brother, sister, best friend, and best friend's brother are all gonna be at a lake. I'm so jealous. They're staying for a whole week, and as amazing as it would be to have a week-long sleepover with my best friend, there's also the wakeboards. They bought them last year when we went to the lake. I was the first one successfully on top of the water. It.is.amazing. So much fun! (also when I got the worst sunburn I've ever had.) I'm going to force Ali to take me wakeboarding when I get back. Come to think of it, there are a lot of things that we need to do together when I get back!

My baby sister started a blog. She's so funny. Email proof:
On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 3:15 PM, Katie wrote:
Hi Abigail!

What are you doing? Anna sent me your blog. I like it so far! I miss seeing you.

What have you been up to lately? Have you caught any snakes or bugs yet? Joseph told me that he got his driver's license last week. Is it scary driving with him?

I love you!



Hi Katie!

Well today I have mostly been working on my blog. Other than that I haven't been doing much.
A couple days ago I caught a lizard helping Dad cut wood but the next day it got away
Well I haven't ridden with just him yet.
Are you exited about your trip on Thursday??
How are the boy?? Are any of them sick??
I love and miss you lots! **Hug**


She sent it in that color, in that size. The emoticons didn't transfer over copy and paste, but believe me, it was full of them.

It really made me smile when I opened up her blog and her profile description said "I'm eight years old and I love all dogs." I guess she's just making sure that she gets out all the important information! Please comment on her first (and only) post. It'll make her day! Or, comment here and I'll pass it on to her.

Tolkien continues. I really, really hate saying this, but it is incredibly boring. The Simirillion was his first book, so I don't want to judge him too harshly. I'll push through, maybe get some more reading time during the flight on Thursday.

What's up with you guys?


  1. Hey, girl! I'm enjoying your blog. Thank you so much for following/commenting on mine!

    Your little sister (and her blog) is so cute! Tell her she's doing a great job!

    Be sure to take lots of pictures at the conferance - can't wait to hear all about it:-)



  2. LOL!! Love her blog! We'll miss you! We'll wakeboard when you come back.

  3. Here's a comment from the two of us for sweet Abigail's blog:

    I love your blog, it is so much fun to read. I can't wait to hear (or, rather, read ) more!:)

    Paper Bird and Little Fairy

  4. Katie,
    Have a great time on your trip! I am jealous, sounds like so much fun.
    Love you much, Grandma


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