26 June 2010

Watching Toy Story 2, remembering my best friends. They're such great stories about friendship. They make me miss everyone back home. I really can't wait until I get back and I can watch TS3 with them.

You can't just find the kind of friendship I have. It's special. My best friends are mostly in my family. My older brother, younger sister, those are the people I've grown up with and know the most about. They know how to make me laugh, how to make me cry, how to annoy me more than anyone else. We do everything together, and you know what, I'm ok with that.

The one that isn't related, well, she's pretty special too. We share quotes, coffee, hugs, and smiles.
"I wish that you were there, because if you were, we would have a blast. Every day we would be up before the sun rose. We'd splash and play in the water, and have crazy contests to see who could go the longest without laughing. When we were all wrinkled and raisin-y we would come out of the water and get our cameras. We would make the beach beautiful, you and I. We'd find all these beautiful, artistic ways to take pictures, and every time we took a picture that we loved we would jump around and scream. Every night we would sit on the beach until the sun set, clicking away with our cameras. We would stay there until the stars came out, and then we'd lay on the wet beach and talk about God and friendship and boys. We would talk about life and the things that we believed in, and laying there on the beach, everything would feel right. We'd remember those nights for the rest of our lives. Best friends."
I miss you guys.

Joseph (the big brother) & I

Anna (the little sister) & I

Oh, Ali. Seriously, this picture is on her blog, now mine, our joint blog, and both of our Facebooks.

Things are going great here. Stuff cracks me up. You can get fast food delivered to your home. (in fact, I think that Hardee's is here with dinner right now.) The spelling on the English advertisements is hilarious. I'll post a picture if (when) I get one of something funny.

I started this post way back in the afternoon when we were watching TS2, was almost finished with it when it was time to eat, and now I'm finally finished with it. Off to read some Tolkien!


  1. You look SO MUCH like you brother and sister, unlike me and LF:) Glad you are having fun, I love TS2as well and I can't wait to see TS3!

    PB & J

  2. that little quote fit friendship perfectly. glad you're having fun.

  3. people always think that my sister and I are twins. it drives me crazy! :) thank you! me too, I keep hearing that everyone cried when they watched it and I really want to know why!

    thanks :) I actually wrote that in a message that I sent Ali a couple of weeks ago, and figured I'd use it now. :)

    I keep wanting to say that I miss you guys, but really, nothing has changed. lol. :)

  4. Guess you'll have to wait on me to see TS3 :)) But, it's the same way around.
    Had I not read the "If you were" story I deff would have cried.
    You can clearly tell when we aren't together for a longer period of time...we keep useing the same picture. lol
    I miss you too.

  5. We went and saw Toy Story 3 today and it was great, some fighting over popcorn and candy, but overall exciting. When you get back you will have to get the nook, I got it for my birthday today and love it. It is so cool! Glad you are still enjoying your trip. I'm also glad I know what Joseph and Ali look like, I wondered when reading their names in the blogs. Hope Hardee's was up to par.

  6. "Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes. ~Henry David Thoreau
    days like today are when I miss you the most.

  7. PB & J- haha it's a weird feeling! :)

    Anonymous- that's great! I can't wait to see it. Does it work well? It helps to know what people look like, doesn't it?

    Ali- I was gonna post another quote about friendship, but then I realized that I sent you all of them. :) What was special about today? I miss you...pretty much everyday.

  8. It was special because I went to your house and we were all giggleing and laughing, and I slep on your side of the bed (yes, I am a creeper) Your parents said that needed to teach me U-ker and that you didnt know how to play it yet. You little sisters had a very high energy level that was HILLARIOUS. But you weren't there :(

  9. I wish that I had been there! hahaha, it's ok. I was gonna ask you if you remembered some obscure sleepover we had when I fell asleep on your bed and you had to sleep on the floor, but then I realized that I'm probably the only person who remembers it. And not only do I remember the sleepover, I remember the movie we were watching.

    That was pretty random.

    They told me about the grannie thing. They make me laugh so hard! :)


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