02 June 2010

the thing I miss the most.

Three days before I left I wrote this:

"The rain is hitting my window in slow, drippy taps. The sky is dark, and I can't see anything through the light reflecting off of the window glass. Only three more sleeps. Funny I should think of that now. When I was little, counting down the days till Christmas and my birthday, that's how I'd phrase it: "Five more sleeps." "Two more sleeps." Three more sleeps. I can't help but think of all the goodbyes that I said at youth group and of all the people that I'll only see one more time until August. Then I think of three more sleeps. It's incredible that this is real, that this is happening, that I can actually say three more sleeps and mean it. I can not wait until I get there and it actually happens."

I don't know why I never posted that. Now I can look back to three nights before I left, and I didn't know that I would miss my family this much. Winnie the Pooh said that "Some people care too much, I think it's called Love."

I got to Skype with my family this morning, and it was great to see them and talk to them. I wish that Skype included a "hug" option so that I could have hugged them goodbye.

Things are weird here.

The other day, I saw a woman with dyed-blonde hair, tank-top, and knee length skirt. Later the same day, I saw a woman in full burkah. When I smiled at her, the only way I could tell if she smiled back was the way her eyes crinkled through the burkah.

I promise that there will be pictures soon. My camera is dead, and I keep forgetting to charge it. But I'll get it all charged up and take some shots. :)


  1. I like what you wrote, it gives a different perspective compared to what you're seeing now.
    You should write something about 3 more sleeps before you leave :)

  2. Glad you doing well Katie. I was at your house last night and everyone was excited about getting to talk to you this morning. Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading your thoughts. I love you.
    Grandma Bennett.

  3. Thanks for following my blog! :D

  4. Ali- why thank you :) I should...I hope that I remember then!

    Grandma- I wish that I could have talked to you too! You're welcome, thank you for reading. I love you too! :)

    guitargirl- you're welcome :) please follow mine!

  5. In our house measured time in Full Houses. "In about 2 Full Houses I'll help you." "13 Full Houses till we get to Aunt Jenny's." Funny thing about time--sometimes it goes so slow, sometimes too fast. Learn alot! Help alot!
    Love you!
    Aunt Jackie

  6. That's cool! I don't think that I've ever heard of that before. that's true :) I will!
    Love you too!


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