04 June 2010

pictures of life.

mountain dew, one side Arabic, one side English

the view of the city from a fifth-floor office window

our apartment, first floor

stop sign in Arabic and English

more city

again, more city

the middle of the road we live on

Today we went to a nearby park, and then a couple of blocks in the other direction to the office. I finally got to take pictures! :)


  1. Hey Kates,

    Great shots. Thanks for getting them up for the rest of the world to see. We miss you here, but we're thankful for the service you're giving and the fun you're experiencing.

    Love, Dad

  2. Great pictures Katie. Thanks for sharing. It helps to see where you are and what you're doing. Love you, Grandma Bennett

  3. I love the mountain dew can! that's co cool! I have a glass Coke bottle, one side in French and the other in English!

    Following this blog now!



  4. Daddy- Thanks! I miss you too. I wish that you could have been there to Skype today. Love, Katie

    Grandma- Thank you! I love you :)

    Ivory- that's so cool! I would love one of those :) Thank you, but it didn't show up...I wonder why?

  5. Looks like you are having lots of fun.


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