21 October 2010

in which I rave about a book.

Listening to: Syndicate by the Fray. 
Quote love: “I figure if I shoot for the moon on trying to find something almost impossible, then I'll learn more the closer I get.” my best friend.

I've heard about this series everywhere. Heard they're amazing. Read about how great they are, how no one could wait for the third book to be published. Everywhere: "You have to read these books!" So, me being me, I put them on hold at the library had my dad put them on hold. And I waited. And waited. And waited.

And then I wrecked my bike on Tuesday. I was a mile from home without a cell phone. I had blood dripping down my hand and my shoulder was throbbing. Somehow, when I fell I managed to knock the chain off the bike. So I walked home. A mile. With blood dripping down my hand. My elbow stinging. My shoulder throbbing.

My point: I couldn't do much after that.

Dad came home, bringing with him the first two books. I laid on the couch for the whole afternoon, wearing sweats, drinking lukewarm tea, and reading my books.

Now I'm here to tell you what everyone else told me: "Read the Hunger Games! Read Catching Fire! Read Mockingjay! They're amazing. Trust me. I've read them. Except, of course, Mockingjay, which I don't get until SIX other people have read the exact same copy I'm waiting for."

I could go on and on about them, but I have the newest Artemis Fowl book sitting in front of me and a British show playing on the television, both of which require a slight bit of concentration.

Have a great weekend! I'll be up at a camp on the edge of a lake, spending lots of time with my best friends. Yes. Fall retreat. I cannot wait. So have a lovely weekend...I know I will.


  1. 'ello there: Wrecked whose bike?

    love, Dad

  2. you're the second person that said they're amazing so think I'll give em' a shot. The Atlantis Complex...enjoy it girl, the penultimate tale of the greatest crimal mastermind of all time. (in fiction of course.)

  3. Oh, I also noticed you put up my favorite quote from the awesome human that is Winston Churchill.

  4. I love the quote ;) and I am SO EXCITED about fall retreat!!!

  5. I always hear people raving about them!
    I never tried to read it though.

  6. Dad- haha. YOUR bike :)

    LF- they are really awesome. I enjoyed them a lot! that's cool, that you like him I mean. my mom almost named my brother william winston. he would have been so cool :)

    Ali- it was amazing, wasn't it??? I want to go back so badly.

    Jillian- you should try them! they're really great :)

  7. Hey girl!!!!! Its been SOOOOOOOO long Katie. WAY to long. So you know what? YOU SHOULD E-MAIL ME!!! lol :) Also you're comment number 5, so you should e-mail me so we can talk about you being spotlighted on me blog??? lol LOVE YOU.


  8. Bleah!!! Yes, it totally has. I'll try to get back to you about that sometime this week. Sound good? Love you TOO! :)


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