07 October 2010

the perfect day:

Listening to: The Ballad of You and I by Melee. (free on iTunes!)
Quote love: “I don’t say we ought to misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could.” Orson Welles

fresh coffee+Pride & Prejudice
The reality:

school, school, school.


  1. I know that feeling... although I have Pride in Prejudice in addition to the rest of my school books this quarter!

  2. Oh goodness I know...I feel as though I've not had a chance to do some reading for fun lately..

  3. I have never read that book... should I? :)

    Have a good day!

    It won't let me sign in at work!

  4. I love that book it is one of my favs. And coffee too, right on.
    to bad about the school thogh..lol

  5. that would be a perfect day. :) I haven't had a chance in a while to curl up with a good book lately.

    and yes, sadly there is a reality. though, I do have to admit, I love school. :)

    Lauren Anne

  6. Oh, Austen! Written perfection! Am LOVING your blog!

  7. Celeste- it seems like it happens a lot, doesn't it?

    Candice- I know! It makes me wish for summer again.

    Jincy- yes you should...it's a little slow, but it's worth it.

    Kay- same here :)

    Lauren Anne- hey there new follower! thanks so much for coming :)

    Meg- that's so sweet! thank you :)


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