09 December 2010

creativity never reaches quite this far.

Listening to: Christmas music :)
Quote love: “Christopher Robin had a question to ask first, and he was wondering how to ask it.
"Well," he said at last, "it's a very nice house, and if your own house is blown down, you must go somewhere else, musn't you, Piglet? What would you do, if your house was blown down?"
Before Piglet could think, Pooh answered for him.
"He'd come and live with me," said Pooh, "wouldn't you?"
Piglet squeezed his paw. "Thank you, Pooh," he said, "I should love to."” A. A. Milne

I always have trouble thinking of creative titles that actually, you know, have something to do with the posts. Usually I write an entire post, sit there, write a title, delete it, browse Facebook, write another title, check Google Reader, delete it, and then finally think of something that is related to the post. It's sad, really. 

Speaking of creativity, I have something I need your help with! I'm working on my entry for Olivia's Words for Snow art contest. I was wondering if you could possibly give me two or three (or five or six) things that snow reminds you of. Anything works, I just want to know what comes to mind when you think of or see snow. Leave it in the comments, send me an email, anything works. I can't wait to share the finished piece with you when I've completed it! 

Am I the only one scouring the archives for spring, summer, fall photos? I keep looking for any color that stands out from the white-grey-brown covering the landscape. I'm about ready to pack up my bags and move to Australia, conveniently at the start of summer break. 

Please forgive the weather related complaints. I'll try to shut up about it and stop being so whiny. Also on the list of things to do: respond to comments sooner that a week, stop obsessively checking my stats, and maybe actually take a few new pictures sometime soon. 

I can't wait to see what reminds all you lovely people about snow! Have an amazing weekend!


  1. your quote today made me smile.

    and i really love the second photo. nice use of aperture!

  2. i looved the last photo so much!! :) i also have a really hard time coming up with titles!! haha uum, i find hard to thing about how snow makes me feel, because growing up in a place with no snow and now being in florida i don't see snow a whole lot, but it makes me think about purity, just because is white :)

  3. Darcy takes such lovely pictures.

  4. blizzard, avalanche, cabin fever, frostbite, hypothermia

  5. Snow is beautiful and pure and each flake is unique and fragile... so beautiful fragility! :D.
    And by the way, I saw your comment on Emma's blog, and wanted to tell you about this HG Lover's blog-she finds up to date info on the making of the movie, and asks questions about the books, and randomly gives her opinion on all things HG. I LOVE the series as well, and am glad to have one place with all the info! Here her site:
    Sorry for spamming you, just thought you might interested :). And that Pooh quote... <3

  6. Hey, I just stumbled on your blog - it's so great! Looking forward to reading more :)

    When I think snow, I think 'quiet', is that weird? I love those peaceful moments when the snow is new and clean and everyone is tucked away at home.

  7. Thanks everyone! Your "words for snow" were PERFECT. :)


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