29 December 2010

just another so-and-so.

Listening to: Yellow by Coldplay.
Quote love: "There are as many reasons to travel as there are travelers. For a writer interested in place, the subject can be any dot on a map. One goes to a war zone, one takes a wildflower walk, one experiences a gun at the temple, one trails a foot off a sailboat in aquamarine waters. Only the writing will reveal who traveled the furthest."

I've been spending my far-too-few days of break eating lots of chocolate, dark, thank you very much, spending hours with my aunts and uncles and cousins and second cousins and their little children, drinking coffee that I don't make (not the case at home), and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleep. Yesterday I got the flu from my mother's cousin's son, and spent upward of five hours sleeping, not to mention the twelve hours of sleep I got last night. It was a yucky day, especially since it was our second to last day here, and who wants to spend it on a couch?

My family spent Christmas Eve through Boxing Day up in the mountains. We stayed in a huge gorgeous house that my incredibly talented mom designed. It's absolutely beautiful, and warm. I'm not looking forward to going back to Indiana, where they have a very white Christmas.

During my vacation, I was informed that my family, on my mom's side, are all related to George Harrison, of Beatles fame! How cool is that? And how on earth have I spent my entire life not knowing this? So now I've been listening to the Beatles station on Pandora, and it makes me happy when a George Harrison song comes on, cause you know, I'm related to him.

How was your Christmas? And New Years- are you setting any goals? Thinking of anything that needs to change? Merry Christmas!


  1. nice pictures :) nice to know your blog

  2. sad you got sick:(

    we had a great Christmas, my video camera ended up being broken but I got an even better one last tuesday, we've basically spent all break hanging out and having a blast.

    George Harrison? So cool. How was your family able to keep that quiet for so long?

    hope you are feeling better, happy new year!


  3. joninel- thank you!

    PB&J- haha it's ok :)

    that sounds like fun!

    I have no idea. apparently my mom's known for years.

    thanks, you too!


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