17 December 2010

jumpy clap time.

Listening to: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens. so a couple weeks ago I wrote that I was listening to a Sufjan Stevens holiday song. then I felt like a hypocrite because I have never listened to his music. And now? A newly created Pandora station. 
Quote love: "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." Oscar Wilde

So I got home today from the dentist and started doing jumpy claps in the middle of the living room. Why? Because today, I received my copy of Matched. And it is so, so much more gorgeous in person. I have had to pull myself away from it several times today.

Tomorrow morning we head out to Colorado, a two day drive, which means that I cannot read any of my books, both the library ones that I got today and the other ones I got in the mail.

Yesterday I received my free copy of Double Shot from NavPress. Today, we went to the library. I got  Speak, and I'm so excited to read it. I've read so much about it, and I'm glad to finally be reading it. I also go Incarceron and That Summer. Incarceron looks fantastic, and Sarah Dessen is so talented.

What reading do you have for your break? I'd love to know!


  1. That sounds awesome girl! Of course you'd be reading! :DDDD

    I have a couple books that my friends actually wrote, printed, and mailed to me... that's exciting. And I'm getting "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan... super excited about that... and I'm hoping to FINALLY get Immanuels Veins. :)


    P.S. I hope the reason you're not e-mailing me is 'cuz I freaked you out about asking to be penpals... I didn't mean to at all. Forget I asked. :)

  2. that is such a sweet picture!! :) i just got on my break today, so i haven't thought about what i'm going to read yet! :) but probably read "The Book Thief" for the second time, i LOVE that book!

  3. I'm reading "Matched" right now, too! And loving it. :) I'm over halfway in.

    I've also got the last three Mary Poppins books from the library waiting to be read, as well as "A Bride Most Begrudging," by Deeanne Gist, and "How Harry Cast His Spell," by John Granger.


  4. speak was very good, nice to hear youre finally reading it.

    im reading house rules by jodie picoult.

  5. tell me if matched is any good. i starting reading icarceron last week and couldn't really get into it.

  6. Reading is my favorite! :)
    Right now I'm reading a series by Denise Hunter. And also a book by Jan Watson. They're both pretty good!
    Have a great trip!


    P.S. Also...I tagged you. ;)

  7. I am a new follower! YEAY!!! Hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels

  8. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by my photography blog and commenting! I really appreciate it. =)


    P.S. Just to chime in.... I am reading 'Coraline' by: Neil Gaiman

  9. Bleah- it was pretty exciting :)

    That's awesome! One time when I was little I photocopied a book and mailed it to one of my friends who lived in Florida. I had no idea that what I was doing was illegal!

    Not at all! I replied to that a long time ago. Did you get it?

    Gaby- I know how that is. :) Usually I remember to start a reading list on the second day of break. you can't go wrong with the Book Thief, can you? :)

    Kristin- isn't it fantastic? It was one of my favorite 2010 books. I used to love the Mary Poppins. Our old library had all of them. Great books :)

    Sweet Pea- man, that book was so sad. I'm reading a Jodi Picoult book too...one that my friend got me for Christmas, Change of Heart. It's...interesting.

    Katie- mine too :) That sounds fun. I hope you had a great break, and thank you :)

    Emma- thanks so much for following :)

    Sarah- you're so welcome! Is that the book that the movie was based on?


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