06 December 2010

happy snowy days.

Listening to: Man of a Thousand Faces by Regina Spektor. (I've never listened to her before, but I loved the Call, the closing song in Prince Caspian, so I made a Pandora station!)
Quote love: “I love when the world turns gray. When the headlights glow yellow in the fog like candles and the rain tracks run down the window like subway lines. The rubber tires grind the leaves into a pulp, press them into the concrete like stamps and the wind blows them down the sidewalks like red and yellow sprinkles. And the rivers of rains flow down the streets, pooling into lazy puddles, running towards the sea.”

So it finally snowed. And let me tell you, it is cold. This afternoon the temperature outside was 9 degrees. I'm huddling up inside my room with lots of coffee trying to convince myself that it's still October. Or November, even. The last picture was on the way to the tree farm last week: I figured out how to change my ISO in that picture. Thinking of that still makes me happy.

Those cute little puppies were dropped here last night while we were gone. We almost have homes for them, thankfully. This is the second or third time we're had animals dropped here. There seems to be a pattern developing.

I'm ready for the holidays, especially break. It can't come fast enough! When do you get off school/start Christmas break this year? Sorry for the sporadic posting with few words. I haven't had much to say lately.


  1. Love the pictures!! 1st and 2nd ones are my faves.

    I get off school in a couple of weeks. I can't wait either! c:

  2. Great pictures! I love the one of your shoes. :)
    I get off school in a week or so I think... I'm home schooled and I don't think my mom has officially decided. lol :P But I also take college classes and tomorrow is my last day there! Yippee!
    Stay warm! ;)


  3. I love Regina Spektor!! I also love your photos..how pretty!
    I cannot wait to be done with school; next monday is my last exam, yay!!! haha

    Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog...especially so I could see yours!:) You are so talented with that camera of yours!

    I'm your newest "follower"!:)

  5. Aw, cute puppies! I'll take the one on the right, please. :)

    Your photos are always so beautiful.

    My classes finish up on Thursday this week. Then I have to go back two days next week for exams. I cannot *wait* to be finished!


  6. I love your pictures:) They are phenomenal!! I am glad to know a fellow photography lover:)
    That is all! :D

  7. awesome quotes and pictures! merry early christmas.

  8. I just bought a pair of grey converse to add to my black, red and yellow ones. Love them to death!

  9. May I just say that those puppies are ADORABLE!!!

  10. M- I just realized how out of focus the first one is, but I'm glad you liked it :P have a great break!

    Katie- thank you :) same here, except we're traveling, so we'll finish before we leave. you stay warm too!

    Candice- thanks! so one day left, huh? I hope you have an amazing break!

    Emily- thank you so much! and thank you for following! I love seeing new follower faces :)

    Kristin- that was my favorite too :) thank you! that sounds so amazing. I just have one week left...counting down the days!

    Hannah- aww thank you! photography is amazing, isn't it?

    LF- thank you dear :) merry christmas to you too! I hope that it's amazing!

    E- that's quite a collection :) I think I want a pair of yellow ones next!

    Charming Elephant- aren't they? then again, puppies are ALWAYS adorable!

  11. Your photography is amazing. I love how clean and real it is. I don't really know how to explain what I mean but I love how your pictures are "real" and not hidden behind a bunch of editing and photoshop.
    Does that make any sense at all? haha sorry I'm tired and I really need to go to bed. :)
    Those puppies are SO cute. I'm glad you guys were able to find homes for them!


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