07 December 2010

a nice blend of quaint and hick.

Listening to: the fire crackling, family conversing, cats purring. 
Quote love: “Saying goodbyes are always hard. You hug a little tighter, smell a little deeper, attempt to commit to feel the person to your memory. You want time to stop, but it can’t and you know it can’t. You know that you have to go on. So you cling on for a moment, and press your lips to their cheek and murmur, ‘I’ll see you when I see you.’”

Today was fabulous. I had an impromptu photography job, an early start on my day, several tasty cups of coffee, and a trip to our cute little town for their annual "Holiday Evening," when all the shops in the town are open, offering samples and whatnot. My brother and I agreed that our town is a nice blend of quaint and hick, and it's true really.

Both of the puppies, Oliver and Amy, went to their new homes tonight. It's hard to be happy about it when one of the little girls is clutching them with tears running down her face, but even so, it's relieving that they won't have to go to a shelter. (Lyrics start playing in my head: when the tears come streaming down your face, cause you lose someone that you can't replace...)

Tomorrow: get up at the crack of dawn to load meat birds into our truck to go to the slaughter house (read: friendly Amish man with low fees). I am SO happy they're leaving. The animals are smelly, ugly, and a huge pain. And then, we get chicken. :) It's a win-win. Also tomorrow, youth group and the weekly trip to Taco Bell.

To leave you with some (paraphrased) Anne of Green Gables wisdom: "Have you ever thought about how we never reach Tomorrow? It's so close but just out of reach. I think that in Tomorrow my father will love me."

Have an amazing "Tomorrow!"


  1. I love Anne of Green Gables! <3 And I love that quote. :)


  2. Yeah, no problem Katie. I was happy to add you to my sidebar. Your pictures speak words to me!♥ ..And I wish I can comment and interact with my bloggers more, but I've not been on the computer very much. But It looks like you've gotten some snow over there where you live... lovely pictures as always!

  3. I don't remember that quote from Anne of Green Gables. Is the quote in any of the movies? Recently I watched them all(again)! lol I love those movies. I have only read a couple of the books.

  4. Oh my goodness -- that first picture, I think I am in love.

  5. Your dog!!! Oh my goodness. Too cute.

  6. K your comment on my blog totally made my day, You are so sweet, Thanks so much. :)
    I wish our town did a holiday evening. That sounds so fun.
    I'm loving that candy store, how fun!

  7. Katie- me too! :)

    Kristin- thanks so much!

    Bleah- it was :)

    Yazzie- that makes me so happy :) I completely understand!

    Bookworm- I think it's in Anne of Windy Poplars, and Anne doesn't say it. Her friend Elizabeth does, and no, I'm pretty sure it's not in the movies!

    Emma- I'm glad you like it!

    Love Unawakened- thank you!

    Nina- why thank you. I wish he was ours, but he was just dumped here last week. we only had them for a few days.

    Halee- aww, I'm glad! It's a lot of fun :)


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