02 January 2011

the highlight reel.

Listening to: at the moment, nothing.
Quote love:  “Whether a girl is 8 or 80, I think her heart flutters when somebody calls her beautiful. Because sunsets are beautiful. Yellow flowers are beautiful. Art is beautiful. Music is beautiful. You grow up hearing the world beautiful associated with those things. And when someone says that you are also that way - that you are beautiful - there's a particular kind of confidence that swirls up in your heart.” Natalie Lloyd.

January: our family trip to Washington DC, a city I'd never been to before.
February: ...not such an outstanding month.
March: A few friends and I went to an Acquire the Fire conference...tons of fun.
April: Birthday!
May: Left on the 23rd to the Middle East, got an unplanned day in Paris.
June: Short vacation in the south to the Red Sea, and got to snorkel there.
July: Spent a week in the UAE, went to an archeological dig, and made some friends.
August: Came home after almost three months overseas.
September: Bought my camera Darcy, a Pentax K100d.
October: Thoroughly enjoyed our short fall, and read the Hunger Games series.
November: My family pressed cider, and it is delicious.
December: Took a trip to Colorado for Christmas with my mom's family.
Today: Had two best friends over, took pictures for a long-unused frame (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil. We needed a fourth), cuddled with some lazy cats, and (not so much a highlight) braved the cold.

What stood out about this year for you?


  1. :) OH MY GOSH -- I love your quote! :D I'm gonna add it to my blog.


  2. I'm glad :) It's one of my favorites!


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