15 January 2011

we're an artsy bunch.

Listening to: the Cave by Mumford & Sons.
Quote love: "Adventure is out there!" from UP.

This weekend I:

Painted) Last year I dug up two old canvases I had painted years ago, and reused them, painting quotes on both of the canvases. (I wrote about it here, if you want the whole story.) Yesterday I took a canvas my best friend had given to my sister, who, in turn, gave it to me. Previously, it had a painting of a few dolphins and other undersea creatures. It was beautiful, in its own way, but not what I wanted. And eventually, I decided to paint the same picture Ellie paints in UP. It's the house she and Carl live in, sitting at the top of Paradise Falls, a painted promise that they would go there one day.

Last night my beautiful sister Anna (she's in three of the above pictures, and it's a common mistake to think I'm her) and Ali, my best friend, helped me paint Paradise Falls on the old canvas. It looks amazing.

Knotted) You know those friendship bracelets? The round ones? We made those. We made them with rainbow embroidery thread, while we watched Prince Caspian.

Pictured) I took pictures of two of my lovely sisters. They're so photogenic...the photos turn out well no matter what! (by the way, if you missed the photo blog last time I linked to it, here you go: anewkindofstory.blogspot.com)

What have you done this weekend?


  1. hey! it's 'stellarkartgirl' from tumblr. i love your blog! :) and that's so weird that your sister's name's anna! that's my name, too! as you can tell...

    anna :)

  2. Gosh, I love the painting! I've had the urge to dabble with painting lately. I think I'm going to buy some cheap watercolors to play around with. :)


  3. Lovely pictures! Your recreation of Paradise Falls is amazing! Also, I noticed you now have 100 followers. Congrats! :) Your blog is great.


  4. I haven't done much over the weekend.

    We have just had lunch after getting home from Church. Being summer here we have been swimming and being Aussies we love our cricket so I'm planning to watch some of the this afternoon.


  5. Unfortunately, no crafting over here. We spent all day yesterday at the mall and today we went to church. This afternoon I plan on baking cookies and (scones?):):):)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend,


  6. Oh yeah, your painting R-ULES! Seriously, you should make some copies and sell it on Etsy.


  7. I absolutely love it! So beautiful!
    Really well done.

    YeS! I totally thought you just got a haircut.
    Anna looks a lot like you.
    Pretty girls. Wait, how many sisters do you have?

    I wanted to say that I saw one your photos on
    I got so excited. I thought to myself, wait, that's Katies!

    Here is a link: http://weheartit.com/entry/6294532

  8. I'm watching Caspian now... haha :)

  9. Katie, I always get so excited when I see that you've blogged. (I think your blog might be my favorite!)

    Also, I miss you.

  10. Anna- I'm so glad you found me! I love yours too...what a coincidence, huh?

    Kristin- why thank you :) I have too! It's odd, because I really can't paint or draw.

    Starr- thank you dear! I screamed when I saw it :) Thank you for being one of them!

    Grace- weekends like that are the best :) I'm so jealous! So, like, in November I realized it was summer for you. I feel ridiculous cause that's such a "duh" sort of thing :) Have a lovely summer!

    PB&J- the mall is always good! did you get anything fun? thank you thank you! I was so pleased with how it turned out :) hmmm, maybe :)

    Jillian- thanks :) hahaha you're not the first one! I have three. They're all younger, and the one older brother. THANK you SO much for telling me! I've been seeing it so many places lately, and it's flattering, but now I really with I had watermarked it.

    SaraMeg- hahaha good choice :)

    lb- I love seeing when you blog too! you're amazing :) I miss you too. coffee soon?


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