11 January 2011

a narnian snow day.

Listening to: Rollerblades by Eliza Doolitte. 
Quote love: "Yes, when I get big and have my own home, no plush chairs and lace curtains for me. And no rubber plants. I'll have a desk like this in my parlor and white walls and a clean green blotter every Saturday night and a row of shining yellow pencils always sharpened for writing and a golden-brown bowl with a flower or some leaves or berries always in it and books . . . books . . . books. . . ." 

The wind is blowing little flurries of snow back and forth across the fields and yard. I swear, it's Narnia outside. Any minute now, a faun will come clipping down the road, cross the bridge around the corner, and invite me for tea.

Because I would hate to disappoint a faun, especially a Narnian one, I would gracefully accept. After I wrap a scarf around my neck and stick my beret on my head, we would link arms and trot across the snow-covered fields.

At this point, our noses would be cherry red and our fingers numb. But because it would be Narnia, we wouldn't notice it, and we would proceed with a cozy winter tea.

Because this isn't Narnia, and it's highly unlikely (and terribly sad) that I shall ever find the door to Narnia, I'll just drink a cup of coffee and read the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, pretending that I'm there. I'll take pictures of snow bokeh and huddle by the fireplace.

When I'm through pretending I've gotten to Narnia, I'll begin to pretend it's spring. I'll listen to Beatles songs and pretend I'm on a yellow submarine in spring. I'll pretend that the trees outside are turning green, and winter is finally over. And then, maybe, I'll go build a snowman.


  1. Snow bokeh is beautiful! The weather you're having sounds glorious and I love your Narnian daydream.

  2. I loved this post.
    I love the Chronicles of Narnie series, and I have three of the books left to read--A Horse and His Boy, The Silver Chair, and the Last Battle.
    It is snowing here too, and now you have me dedicated to gazing out my window, looking for a fawn!

    I will leave with a great C.S. Lewis quote! =D
    “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

  3. Oh, but we shall all find the door to Narnia if we continue to seek...

  4. Lovely pictures, lovely post, it does looks like Narnia! :)

  5. you are such a brilliant writer. love this post.

  6. Awesome post...and photos! :)

    It's snowing here too...and it's so pretty!


  7. Great post! I would love to visit Narnia :D

  8. Oh, you are so lucky to have some snow! It was so cold here but of course we don't get any precipitation. Sadness.

    Anyway, the vision of a Narnian snow is so gorgeous. I would like to have some tea with a faun right now, barring there is no White Witch out there. :)


  9. Ohhh - Narnian snow days are the best! Especially when you get to stay in, drink tea by the fireplace, and read a good book (preferably *about* Narnia. :)

    Speaking of Narnia, I saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader a couple days ago!

  10. Libby- it is! aww, thanks.

    Heather- the Horse and His Boy used be to my favorite! let me know if you see one :)

    Jess- I will continue to seek, then :)

    Gaby- thank you!

    LF-aww, thank you dear!

    Katie- thank you! snow is so pretty, isn't it?

    Jackson-thank you! I would too...it would be so amazing.

    Starr- that is sad :( of course! The white witch would ruin it all!

    PB&J- thank you :)

    Sarah- yes! I like snow from inside my house :) what did you think? I personally really liked it, but I've been hearing that a lot of people didn't.

  11. those pictures are so pretty! I just love snow!

    you have a lovely blog!♥

  12. those pictures are so pretty! I just love snow!

    you have a lovely blog!♥

  13. aww thanks dear! yours is lovely too! (of course, judging by the name :)


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