20 January 2011

dark chocolate and cinnamon coffee.

Listening to: Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson. 
Quote love: "If the moon smiled, she would resemble you. You leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating." Sylvia Plath. 

It's springtime in my house. I have Paradise Falls above my bed, and a rainstorm & umbrella to the left of my dresser. But outside, it is wicked. I'm really not such a fan of snow, cold weather, wind, and icy roads. Show of hands: anyone else sick of snow? Me too.

A day like this begs for dark chocolate, cinnamon laced coffee (which is really delicious, but the cinnamon makes the grounds all slimy, so it's not so much fun to clean that one up), and books.

Any book suggestions? I'm currently out of reading material because a) our library card is gone until Friday with my dad, and b) both of the books I have coming in the mail won't be here until Tuesday-ish. I have an old BookSneeze book of my sister's that I could finish if I must, but so far, I'm not really into it. Any suggestions?

A few weeks ago I asked for blog URLs from followers. Since then, I've gotten more (100! I love you guys!) and some of you, it just doesn't show up. So please send me your URLs. If I already follow you, don't worry about it. If you've given it to me before and I was terrible and never commented/followed, please send it again! I would love to check out your blogs.

Have an amazing Friday!


  1. I hope you have an amazing Friday, too. Oh, and this is the first new-ish post that I have been first to comment on!!! :D


    P.S. To me, this day calls for milk chocolate, and cookies, and our Family Wii. :D

  2. I love all those pictures, but especially that last one! (:

    It's cold here, too, but not enough for snow! We never get snow, so I wouldn't mind a little bit of it. But I can see how you could get sick of it after a while. I can't wait for springtime myself.


  3. I have five books from Amazon and one from Booksneeze on the way...my Amazon order hasn't been shipped yet, which is disappointing! :)

    Anyway, I do have a stack of library books. Right now I'm reading "My Life in France," by Julia Child. I thought it would be sort of boring, but I'm loving it so far.


  4. I dearly love Erynn Mangum (Modern Christian romance author), Karen Witemeyer (Historical fiction Christian romance), and Ted Dekker (Christain Adventure/ fantasy)!!
    Blegh. We've barely had any snow but I don't want it to come back!

    URL: thatjanedoe.blogspot.com

  5. Hi! I'm Tilly. Great post! I especially love the wilted rose picture. Beautiful.


  6. I must say, dark chocolate = amazing! ;)

    Great photos!


  7. I wouldn't mind a bit of cold weather here at the moment. It is reaching over 30 celsius.

    My blog URL.


  8. Snow...ugh. Dance has been canceled so many times...so frustrating. Book suggestions...hmmmm... anything by Richard Peck, Lisa Klein has some really neat historical romances (if your into that) and to be totally honest, sometimes I enjoy reading Shel Silverstein poetry, you can probably find them at goodreads.com

    BTW, "Everybody" is seriously the best song EVER.


  9. Love the pics of the snow! But I do agree..I'm sick of the stuff.

    My blog URL: http://tjfbookworm.blogspot.com/


  10. I love that last pic so much! And, too, I love lacing coffee with a bit of vanilla. I just put the TEENIEST amount on the grounds before I pour in the water, and it just gives it a great back-flavor. :)

    URL: http://pastaandwaffles.blogspot.com


  11. Your painting of Paradise Falls seems magical. :)

    My blogs:

    about life and ministry in Ukraine

    about everything else :)

  12. Beautiful pictures. I love them. xoxo I'm fairlyish new to this blogging stuff. xoxo

  13. I hope you like my blog too. you are an amazing photographer. really really good. xoxo

  14. Everybody is a magic song. I love that Sylvia Plath quote. Books, Skullduggery Pleasant. But, now with all this snow and grime outside and your library card gone away, it might be a perfect time to reread. I normally reread in the summer, but there's always time for it. It's one of my most favorite things.

  15. Miranda- thank you, dear! For the comment and the well wishes :)

    Mmmm, that sounds like a pretty good day to me!

    Starr- why thank you! I love hearing that from you. :) Spring...yes. Hoping and hoping it comes early here.

    Kristin- that sounds like bliss right there! That sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out :)

    Tilly- Hi there! I'm so glad to see you :)

    Katie- mmhmmm! It's the best :) thank you thank you!

    Grace- wanna trade? You said 30 Celsius, I started doing mental math. :)

    PB&J- :( I hate that! Richard Peck! I must read him! You and LF always say how good he is, and (please don't judge) I've never read anything by him. YES. I actually heard it on M's blog, and I loved it.

    Paris- me too! I'm glad you liked them :)

    Caroline- I tried that the other day and loved it! Thanks so much for the suggestion :)

    Alicia- thanks dear! :)

    LF- Skullduggery is on my must read list! I will get it sometime :)


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