13 January 2011

all kinds of happy.

Listening to: By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North. 
Quote love: “She believed she could, so she did.”

Happy thing 1) Sisters who let me take silly pictures of them. 

Happy thing 2) When I tell them the pen won't wash off, and it does. 

Happy thing 3) The photoshoot planned for Saturday morning.

Happy thing 4) The way my camera processes light.

Happy thing 5) The way coffee is always delicious, even after it sits out for half a day. 

Happy thing 6) Somehow getting an ARC of a book I've been waiting to read. 

Happy thing 7) Said ARC being hilarious.

Happy thing 8) When my sister decides to play my favourite song just because she knows I love it.

What's happy in your life?


  1. -Finding inspiration for creativity everywhere I look.

    -The hope of doing better.

    -Looking foward to a shopping day with my mom tomorrow. :)


  2. Hehehe ;) Cute picture! I can relate to Happy thing 8. My sister has done that before. Makes me smile.


  3. -Feeling that a project is going just right
    -A warm bath & a good book
    Glad you are having such a happy day. :)

  4. recieving my final grades for last semister's writing class-including an absoluty perfect paper.

    laughing with friends.

    snow birds.



    that feeling of knowing you can always make it.


  5. I love the nose.
    I'm sorry, I have trouble drawing noses.

    Sounds like you're really happy, which is great.

    Happy things:

    Art class

    Puppy hugs

    Knowing my best friends are there without even talking to them


    Sushi with friends


  6. -Looking up and seeing tiny snow flakes fall for the first time in three years. :D

    -Having some awesome friends.

    -Hot chocolate. :)

    Jessie Suzanne

  7. -sisters that always cheer me up and keep me from being too serious.

    -snow that makes even cloudy days look a lot brighter.

    -a God of refuge and grace.


    -a sister that will watch terrible movies/tv shows with me even though they are awful.

    -tomorrow being friday.

    -thankful lists that run on and on...


  8. #1 Our shipment arriving after Four months of waiting!
    And lots of other things!!!


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