05 January 2011


Listening to: Heaven Forbid by the Fray.
Quote love: "All my years to this moment. All my roads to this wall. All my words to this silence. All my pride to this fall." Catherine Fisher.

So it's the fifth day of the New Year. I have a few goals, or hopes (or whatever you've decided to call them this year) for the year floating around in my head, mostly small stuff. Some of them involve stuff like, read the Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the next four hours before I go see the movie today. Stuff like that. On the top of the list is documenting the books I read this year. I've failed to do that in the past, and my dad suggested I start.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a 365 blog, and to prepare for that, if I do decide to start one, I've been making sure to take at least a picture everyday. Yesterday's were a lot of fun because 1) My sister is gorgeous and incredibly photogenic, 2) I got two new lens filters for Christmas that I think are for portraits, so using them was fun, and 3) I don't generally take portrait shots, and I like it.

If I do start one, I think I'll call it something similar to a New Story. Reasons: 1) I've always used words to communicate stories, mine or others. Telling stories has been something I've done ever since I was little, but always with words. I've recently realized that photography is another way of telling a story. 2) This summer I wrote about individual stories, and how people have a story to tell, and 3) Someone recently told me that my photos tell stories. That's such a powerful compliment.

Yay or nay on a 365? I'm leaning towards a yes. I just created a photography course yesterday for this semester. The course requires a website of some sort, to display photos, advertise, ect., so I may combine the two. What do you think?


  1. Would love a 365 photo blog!


    (P.S. Let me know what you think about Dawn Treader, I wasn't a fan.)

  2. Hi Katie! I noticed that you followed me on my blog! Thanks SO much! I have been having tons of trouble with my url so I had to start over..:(
    Please, if you wouldn't mind, re-follow me on this url: http://daniellespaperheart.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey there, I really like your hat!
    I think the 365 day blog is a great idea.
    I'm following btw, hope you visit my blog :)

  4. ohmygoodness, you should DEFINITELY do a 365 photo blog!! :D
    i love looking at your pictures.. :D

  5. PB&J- yay :) cause I started one!

    Danielle- I view posts in a reader, so it's been working for me, but I did re-follow you. I'm glad you got it worked out!

    Girl- haha I wish it was mine, that's actually my younger sister, and her hat. thanks :) I like your blog!

    Jenna- aww thank you!


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