22 February 2011


Realized: I think I stole this whole "Listening to; quote love" deal from Natalie Lloyd.
Realized: I don't think I ever gave her credit. I feel terrible now. So, without further ado: Natalie Lloyd thought this up. She is brilliant. You can find her amazing blog here: natalielloyd.blogspot.com.

When I got dressed this morning (12:00; the beauty of homeschooling and non-Taylor days) I, um, wasn't thinking. I look like a bumblebee. Personally, I think it's hilarious.

(my torso's not really that long. long cardigan, you know.)

Drawing like crazy. I have a big hand project (I know, I thought we were done) due tomorrow that I'm frantically trying to finish.

Counting down the days till Puerta Rico. It's been too long since I've been out of America. Not sure why, because I was like, just gone all summer. Also not sure if Puerta Rico counts, since it's almost part of America. At least it's different. We saw pictures of the hotel today and it looks like this place:

The money in my Paradise Falls jar is gradually growing. It's mostly spoken for already. So no Paradise Falls for a while. (I know Paradise Falls isn't a real place, buuut there is a real waterfall that the fictional one is based on. I'm going there someday.)

Sigh. I feel restless, done with winter, ready to go somewhere like France or the Middle East or the Netherlands. (Random? Not entirely. I can speak those languages. ha. not really. I can, however, say that I can only speak a little bit of each language in each language. I've practiced many many times.) When I was in this city:

I actually sat at breakfast saying French phrases over.and.over again in my head. They varied from "the small boy ate a large loaf of bread," to "the very fat women have many umbrellas." It's good to be prepared.

Sorry this post is scattered every which way. Have a lovely week! And again, new followers, send me your links, ok? :)


  1. Those hands look great! :) And haha, "The very fat women have many umbrellas." Wouldn't want to forget how to say *that* on the street! :P


  2. dude! YOU can draw an awesome hand.

  3. oh. and i totally just read the "i like you" page. and i'm on it!! it kind of really made my day. thank you!!

  4. I love how simple your blog layout is...really pop-art-ish (imho) and just oh so very easy on the eyes!

    I love how Natalie Llyod starts out her posts too, actually I was thinking of doing the same thing with my posts starting soon...we'll see I guess.

    Drawing hands is tough, but you did an excellent job...much better than I could ever lend a hand to (pun intended, lol!)

    Also, I've been following your blog for a little while now, but I just kind of re-discovered it again this evening and thought I'd actually leave a comment and let you know that I, one of your many blog followers, is alive and actually exists! =D

    Blessings to you,
    Sarah E.

    BTW- my blogs can be found at:
    http://daughteroftheking89.blogspot.com and http://neo-victorian-photo.blogspot.com

  5. This is so weird, but I looked a little like a bumblebee today, too! :) I was wearing a yellow shirt and hoodie (what can I say? It's my favorite color), jeans, and obnoxious black/white striped socks. :)

    Your drawings of hands look amazing!

    I love that beautiful Eiffel Tower. I've yet to see it in person, but some day...:)


  6. this makes me really happy. why?

    *sigh* Striker colors!
    other teams in junior high would call us bumble bees haha.

    love the post, dear :)


  7. That hilarious moment when you realize you look like a bee :)

    My posts are usually very similar to this one, so I feel at home.

    I practice ridiculous sentences in foreign languages too. The oddest thing was, I was at the mall, and I got excited about something and I started spewing French.
    All my friends stared.

    Are you homeschooled?

    Gah, we're doing hands and feet in my advanced art class and to be honest, I'm having a hard time.
    Yours are lovely though.

    I love the Paradise Falls jar idea.
    Very favorite kids movie.

  8. .....And I pretty much died of happiness from being on your "I like you" list.

    I like you too.

    Mind if I borrow your idea?

  9. You are adorable! I just decided you are 200 times cooler than me. :)

  10. Hey Katie! I was wondering how you have the please get to know me little link thing at the top of your page?
    I can't really figure it out and you have a better idea at that sort of thing :) Thanks! I look at your blog all the time!

  11. Drawing hands is so tricky, but yours look pretty amazingly done! I guess no-one sees the five sheets of ripped up paper next to it...
    "The fat lady have many umbrellas" is going to be the most useful phrase you'll ever need in France, because frankly everyone there speaks really good English and decide not to pain their ears with the English attempts at French!

  12. OHMYGOODNESS THOSE HANDS ARE AWESOME!!! Lol, I know I couldn't do anything like that. I love your pictures, great post as always :))
    -Jocee <3

  13. Yeah -- I asked to go with a college friend to the movies once after service... she's 19. And my grandma freaked out. :/ Oh well...

  14. hands are always the hardest to draw so I am super impressed!

  15. take it from someone that knows M (above) in person, she doesn't say dude unless it's serious, you really can draw hands. dude.

  16. Such a funny post! Why do they make you learn such odd, useless phrases? The duck is crossing the street. OKAAAAYYYY. That will help when you want a bathroom.

    I know what you mean about travel! I love it. I can't wait till my trip to France this April.

    Ladaisi Blog

  17. Thanks for your comments on the blog. Keep up with the great photography.


    Your Newest Subscriber.

  18. I love to travel! I totally understand that feeling, when it hits you sometimes out of the blue. And your drawings are beautiful!

  19. Starr- :) Of course! Who knows, it could come in handy some day.

    M- you are way too sweet. Well, of course you're on it :))

    Sarah- thank you! I do too...I think I unconsciously picked it up at one point.

    Kristin- weird!

    Jana- oh my gosh! I totally forgot about that.

    Jillian- I'm glad, cause I kinda am in love with your blog. yeahhhh. not something that I broadcast wildly because of the negative reactions. are you? go ahead and borrow the idea! I don't mind at all.

    Kaylie- umm, I'm pretty sure there is no way that is true, but thanks anyways. :)

    Anna Rose- I'll comment and let you know. It's really simple, but it's sneakily hidden.

    Libby- ha! those are the hands that I had drawn before and I was using them as a guide to make sure that the hands were placed right.

    Jocee- aww thank you!

    Bleah- it's funny, isn't it? :)

    Alycia- thank you! I'm surprised by how much easier they've become.

    LF- your comment made me smile and smile.

    IFL- :)

    Ladaisi- thank you! They don't...it's just the words, and I combined them together.

    That cover girl- thank you! I'm loving your blog!

    Renee- glad someone else gets it, and thanks so much :)


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