23 February 2011

it's my best day ever too.

Just read this blog post.

And it made me wonder.

Because today was my best day ever. I've been so anti-social lately, and it was amazing to get to hang out with my friends. Because we threw straws and sauce packets at each other, and they stole my wallet. Because Nine Square really is better with only girls. Because my mother doesn't want me hanging out with college students. Because we're reading Edgar Allen Poe and he's my favorite. Because I still have a bracelet my friend made me a year ago. Because I just realized that if I go to my cousin's graduation I get to see my favorite fake cousin. And because I haven't seen her in years and she's way more amazing than I remembered. Because your comments made my day; because I'm breaking the Golden Rule of Blogging and publishing a post without a photo.

And it was my best day of my best year ever.

Guess what tomorrow will be?

(guys, feel totally free to go ahead and use the the I like you idea. doesn't bother me a bit. :)


  1. I read the post.... it was really good. :) Though -- I liked yours better. Perhaps I'm partial. ;)

    I'm sorry you got your wallet stolen D:


  2. throwing random eating accessories and stealing wallets. don't you just love friends?

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the header! :D

    OKay... so taking a screenshot is SOOO easy. I was like *duh* when I figured it out! :P

    Up at the top right hand corner of your keyboard with like... number lock and scross lock is a button called "print screen" or mine says "prtsc" go to the page you want... and click print screen and alt at the same time. Then go to paint and go to the toolbar... I think it's either file or the one next to it, click it and let it drop down. Then click "paste". Then save. :DDD I hope my instructions were suitable. Let me know!


  4. Oh. Katie. Did you see the third Anne movie? Excuse me, the "movie" that had nothing to do with the books?! Anne was very differet. I get that people change as they age but her voice was so husky weird and not Anne. And then she's gallivanting all over Europe (whaaaaa?). It's weird how some actors BECOME the character, isn't it? :) And then I can never cut them slack ever again. Love your header!

  5. Bleah- you're awesome. The end.

    oh, no big deal :) Both times it was by two different best guy friends, so I didn't worry.

    LF- I just like this comment a lot.

    Bleah- SO MUCH CLEARER! you rock.

    Natalie- I don't think I have...not going to now! I hate that, especially since they did such a good job with the first few. Thank you!


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