12 February 2011

funny how things change.

Listening to: Happier by A Fine Frenzy. 
Quote love:  "Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence."
woah. old photo. 

I'm a big fan of change- always have been, always will be. In fact, it was that very thing -hunger for change- that brought about my trip last summer. Out of nowhere, I asked my mom if I could go to England. She said yes, and long story short, the trip to England (a country I love like crazy and miss so much) turned into the Middle East, almost three months and three countries and many many new friends.

It's funny to me how different this year is, how much things have changed. Last Valentine's was chocolates and a handmade necklace and an awkward phone call. This year? Taylor Swift, the last of my Christmas Nutella, and a yet-to-be-chosen book. (So far, it's a toss-up between Darcy, Gilbert Blythe, and Peeta Mellark. I'm thinking that Gilbert is gonna win this one.) A chick-flick with my sister might be added to that mix, but I'm betting that we'll give in and watch Fight Quest, because the boy, who is bigger and older than me (and, arguably, bossier.) (ok, I'm bossier. Oldest girl. I can't help it.) insisted. I don't mind, though. Who need a chick-flick when you have Gilbert?

Anything fun planned for your Valentine's Day?

Tomorrow: signed books, milkshakes, and I still hate hands.


  1. I wish I was brave enough to like change. :) I'm terrified of it.

    My Valentine's Day will not be very impressive this year. In the past, I have baked chocolate chip cookies and ate most of them while watching "Pride and Prejudice." This year, I have classes all day on Monday, so it won't be very fun. I've been trying to get in my usual chick flicks anyway, though. So far it's been the first two Anne movies and 2005 P&P. I might try to squeeze in another tomorrow. :)


  2. I LOVE Gilbert Blythe. *sigh*
    I shall be making lovely cupcakes this Valentine's Day!! And doing the fun task that people are voting on at my blog! (Whatever that will be) What a great year so far :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Change scares me and I hate it.
    Anne Of Green Gables all the way! Probably Rilla Of Ingleside... I'll be going to school, working on my English assessment and then watching Glee tomorrow night.

  4. out of those three, gilbert would win every time. actually i don't know of any guy that could beat gilbert, and when i do, i'll marry him:)
    we got cute new essie nail polish this weekend for valentine's day and tonight we're going to dinner. i have dance tomorrow...

  5. Funny you mention change in this post. I was just talking to my husband about how I really don't mind change -- which is a good thing especially being in the army! And Valentines... Well, my little guys and I celebrated yesterday. We just headed over to Jamba Juice and snacked the whole night. It was perfect. Have a great week!

  6. Awkward phone call? I didn't know about that:)

    I made strawberry cupcakes yesterday and I am hoping to see Tuck Everlasting tomorrow. We saw a cheesy disney movie today, so my chick flick meter is pretty full. (To our mother's dismay LF and I prefer bloody, action-packed movies like Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Carribbean etc.)

    Team Gilbert.


  7. Kristin- :) I'm trying to see how much more I can pack into these last few hours! That sounds like a pretty good line up :)

    Ali- Ivanhoe's. You understand.

    Jocee- Me TOO. I wanted to make cupcakes...I think I'll celebrate Valentine's all week long :)

    Libby- I understand that :) Oh, Rilla. I hate that book, but in a good way. It makes me sob, and I don't appreciate that. Have fun :)

    LF- Agreed. He is imperfect, which makes him perfect. have a great time!

    Ailinh- that's so funny! thanks, and you too :)

    PB&J- welllll, now you do! :) I'm glad we're not the only ones. Anna and I watched the Dark Knight this afternoon. It was creepy. Yay for Gilbert.


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