02 February 2011

let's pretend we're polar bears.

Grateful for: Kelsey's life. Praying for her family. 
Quote love: “It is strange how we move forward in some things, and stand still in others, and go backward in yet others.” Alan Paton

Taylor is going fantastic, so far. Classes yesterday were canceled, which made for an easy day. At this point, the most difficult thing has been the 50 pages of Puritan lit I had to read yesterday. I'm looking forward to the easier, more interesting short stories and poems that I'll have later in the semester.

So I drew something the first day. It's not outstanding in any way, but maybe you want to see it? 

The requirements: draw two hands holding something organic. Any guesses as to what my organic object is? Hint: it is leafy at the top. You eat it. It has lots of fiber. And it's green.*

I'm not a fan of the slick, icy, polar bear weather we've been having. I can handle snow, but ice, not so much. On the bright side, it's been producing some really wonderful sunrises.

A few weeks ago I was informed that this photo turned up on We Heart It! It didn't bother me as much as it might have, mostly because it's flattering that so many people liked it. Anyways. The product of this little discovery (thanks, Jillian!) is a work-in-progress watermark. Exhibits A-E above. 

How have you been spending your snow days? Lots of reading, hot beverages, and sleeping? Sledding as much as possible? Let me know!

* haven't guessed? It's celery.


  1. Breath taking photos! Snow days... yep lotsa hot cocoas and cabin fever. I can't wait till Spring!

  2. when we saw that second picture, i went whoa and PB went oh my gosh. you are talented girl.

  3. I love the photos!! I couldn't take anything as good as that. The best I can do is a mental picture. But you have some serious talent. Nice job!
    -Jocee <3

  4. Hey Katie -- Based on your recent photography popularity, have you thought about putting a watermark/logo on your photos before posting? That way, if someone "borrows" it again, it's at least identified as yours. Just an idea :)

    Love ya.

  5. Katherine, these pictures are beautiful! I especially love the one with the second and third one! They are breath-taking. You are ever so lucky to have great sunrises out in the country. Beautiful! I am so glad to hear that your classes are going well! I want to hear all about them! :)) Ohhh, and your picture that you drew, I could guess it right away when you leafy...just saying. :)I miss you Katie!

    Love Always,
    Shaina :))

  6. Beautiful photographs; the sunflare is wonderful. So glad you're enjoying your course--it sounds really interesting! :) The drawing is great, hands are really tricky to get right. We're seriously lacking in the snow department {read: none} but we've got cold weather, a lot of wind, and an excuse to stay indoors.

  7. And I just followed the link to Kelsey's blog... Was she a real-life friend or a blog buddy? I am sending huge hugs your way. {{{hugs}}}

  8. Jazzy- thank you! those cameras look pretty tempting :)

    Ailinh- thanks so much! Me either...the snow is getting old fast.

    LF- you guys are so sweet.

    Jocee- it comes with practice :) thank you so much!

    Rylie- thank you :)

    Jessie- I was working on one on this post, and I have one that I'll be putting on all my photos before I upload them. :) love you too!

    Shaina- thanks dear :) we need to catch up! it has been way too long. well, you're amazing :) I miss you too! love you.

    Libby- thanks :) I was so pleased with it. Hands really are, I have problems with them. lucky! She was a real-life friend. I didn't know her well, but yes, real life. thanks :)


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