18 February 2011

a little bit of sunshine.

Listening to: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. Three things you should know about this song, 1) It's my all time favorite Beatles song, excluding Eleanor Rigby; 2) It exactly describes our weather this week 3) and I'm technically not listening to it. It's just playing over and over in my head. 
Quote love: "I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun." Suzanne Collins. (I wouldn't swear on it, cause I can't remember this particular quote from any of the books, but I'm almost positive Katniss said that. It sounds like her.) 

The title says a little bit of sunshine, but really, it's more like a lot. It feels like spring here, people. I'm enjoying it as much as I can, because supposedly it's supposed to be back down to the twenties next week.

For now, this week has been full of sunshine and birds (really, when I go outside I can hear them. it's exciting) and open windows and puddles. I love it.

My week has been weird. My parents returned from Alaska on Tuesday night. While they were gone, we were home alone. Yes, it was one big, nearly-week-long party. :) Ok...maybe not quite.

We modeled at class on Wednesday. It was awkward. Thanks to alphabetical last names, I was second. I should have been first, but thank goodness the professor randomly picked on another kid first. It was an experience I would be totally fine not repeating.

So how has your week been? Frigid or warm like mine? (ps. want to help with a super secret project? you should email me.)


  1. Wow, you're lucky you live where you live!! Those are beautiful pictures!! :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Beautiful photos--the focus on the birds is stunning. It's feeling spring-like here too, with snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils every which way.
    Having to model in art sounds scary--I'm scared enough by raising my hand in class!

  3. I love that song! <3 Great photos, too. I like the rustic look of the last one.

    It's been pretty warm here, like sixty or seventy degrees, so we've been enjoying it. It feels kind of like spring. I can't wait for when everything *looks* like spring, too.


  4. The weather here has been... AHMAZING. Considering the FREEZING cold weather we've been having.

    Seriously... the weather is perfect. 60's - 70's. *sigh*

    What lovely things the be able to photography Katie! You're so lucky. :)

    YOU SHOULD E-MAIL ME... and tell me about this super secret project. :) I'm sure I' love to help!


  5. just read hunger games last weekend (i'm studying english and secondary education at college, and this means i get to take a YA lit class. for real. best class EVER.) and i'm pretty sure that is katniss...when she first puts on the dress for the interview? :]

  6. super secret??? oooo...
    ah, here comes the sun and eleanor rigby...the beatles rock.
    yes, katniss said it. i remember.

  7. This last scene is just breathtaking. I could stare at it all day.

    Ladaisi Blog

  8. I love the picture of your shoes! Cute! :)

    My week has been warm too. It's gotten up in the 60s and 70s. Sooo nice!


    P.S. I tried finding my Converse shoe box to hold my letters in...and couldn't find it anywhere. I think it was accidently thrown away. :P Oh well... Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful pictures, as always. I can't believe how warm it is here. I love when spring starts to tease like this!

  10. Spring has sprung here too! We are also looking at a rainy week, so rainy+spring weather=awesomeness!!!


  11. Jocee- it's beautiful, that's for sure! thanks dear!

    Libby- thank you :) It was scary. Never want to do that again.

    Starr- that one's my favorite too :) it got cold here :P

    Bleah- it's back to cold for me! haha I did!

    Caroline- so.stinking.jealous. I'm now looking into YA lit classes for next semster.

    LF- :) yes m'am, they do. haha I think I remember it now too. in the first one, correct?

    Ladaisi- my favorite too. thank you!

    Katie- thanks love! I knowwww. It was amazing. so sad! Now you have a good excuse to get a new pair :)))

    Girl w/a Smile- it's lovely, huh?

    Natalie- thank you! I do too. It's like little sneak peeks.

    PB&J- yes. also, I love how we still use PB&J. it makes me smile :)


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