18 July 2011

brugge and lille and paris and home.


Yesterday was Brugge in the rain. 

Today and tomorrow are Lille. 

Wednesday is Paris (!). 

And Thursday? 
Is home. 

Keep your eyes open for a little giveaway in the next few 
days. I have chocolate and postcards and maybe a few other things. 

Have a happy Monday!


  1. its soso beautiful! oh and i love your toms:)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! How can Europe look so ridiculously charming? :) I love the ivy-covered tower...it makes me think of Rapunzel.


  3. I love how old everything looks. It's so charming! (I won't even begin to say anything about the rain...) Have fun in Paris! And ooh, a giveaway! Shiny. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, it just all looks so beautiful. It's amazing how much more, oh I don't know, magical Europe seems to be compared to good old U.S. of A. I mean, walking down the street in a random town in America wouldn't even look one millionth as lovely as it appears to be there. With the bridges and cobblestone streets and quaint buildings... sigh.

  5. the pictures are so beautiful!! mmmmm, I do love chocolate. ;)

    love always,

  6. I love the cellist in the rain. Charming.

  7. The best place for hot chocolate? I REALLY need to visit. I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE.

  8. Jana- aww thanks :) can't wait to see you!

    Kristin- I don't even know...even when it's not pretty, it's still pretty.

    Kendall- not quite shiny, but fun nonetheless :)

    Natalie- I cannot agree with you more. I think all the Nerdfighters should more to Europe.

    Lily- oh yes...I do too :)

    Libby- I love how European that is. we don't see anything like that in America.

    Capillya- ME TOO. it's addicting.


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