22 July 2011

paris: the photo edition.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Question: these are only thirty-some out of over three hundred. Are you interested in seeing more? Or should I just go with one more post I already have planned and leave it at that? Your choice. :)


  1. More! More!!! These are awesome pictures, Katie! I LOVE them! Oh my, how did the snails taste?? I'm dying to try them sometime!
    *sigh* I want to go to Paris some day=/ Your so lucky, dear!

  2. More photos, please! :)
    Your photos and you are too cute!

  3. Escargots! You reached a dream. :) And apparently they taste like mushrooms, is this true?
    Please, more photos.

  4. More! I love Paris! So beautiful! I love seeing "real pictures" of Paris too...it looks EXACTLY like all of the posters I've ever seen of Paris! More pictures please! =D

  5. Looks like so much fun Katie! I miss you so much. :(
    and about your package... haha... long story. sigh.
    Anyway! You'll get it one of these days. ;) promise.
    Love you.


  6. Oh my goodness...gorgeous pictures! Paris looks so wonderful. I love the style of the buildings and the art everywhere. And the little girl carrying the Eiffel Tower. And the bookstore! :)

    I would love to see more pictures!


  7. haha, definitely more pictures. ;)

  8. Awesome, awesome! That book store looks amazing. But I don't think I could ever be brave enough to try escargot...

  9. Definitely do not hesitate in posting more photos! :) It's funny, even though the weather looks somewhat gloomy in Paris judging by the grayness of the sky, it still looks so wonderful there.

  10. More photos it is, then!

    Libby, they tasted like garlic and butter. I didn't really notice them having a taste of their own.

  11. My gosh. What an awesome photographer you are! Took me right back to Paris.


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