13 July 2011

this girl hearts RBX.

First off, yes, it's been nearly two weeks since I've blogged. We've been a lot busier than I anticipated. Besides that, the internet connection is set up so that only one person can get online at a time. Obviously this means that I, who takes up to three hours per post, don't have enough time to formulate a whole post.

I'm really enjoying being in France. There are a few things I cannot get used to, mostly co-ed public bathrooms and the smell of pee everywhere.

To illustrate: Christine (friend, not sister, contrary to everyone's guesses.) and I were having a coffee outside a cafe a few days ago. After we finished, we went inside to use the restroom. To get to the bathroom, we had to walk the length of the smoky cafe/bar to the very back of the room where there was a doorway. A doorway, but no door.

I poked my head in, and the entirety of the bathroom consisted of a urinal to the right, a toilet stall to the left, and a sink directly in front of me. I hopped into the stall, and Christine "stood guard." When I finished, Christine went in, and I started to wash my hands.

A man walked in behind me and I heard him start to unbuckle his belt. Of course, I freaked out and left, waiting outside in the tiny little hallway.

The sink was still running.

Christine was still in the bathroom.

As soon as she got out, we hightailed it out of there.

Such is France.

Besides things like that, I've really been enjoying it.

We spend a lot of time out on the streets, just talking to people and making friends. Christine and I had a fun conversation with two Moroccan sisters, and we have a coffee date set up for later this week.

My mom and I've been to an area (it may actually be another town) called Roubaix several times. Supposedly, and I'm really not sure how true this is, Roubaix is either just under or just over 50% populated by Muslims. Regardless of the actual facts, it's quite a cool city. We wandered around for a few hours today, and I bought the above sticker to put on my wall.

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, so: there will be fireworks. Stores will be closed. There'll be lots of celebration. I'm hoping to get some fun photos of the fireworks tomorrow night, but I won't make any promises.

Since I've been offline so much, I haven't been able to keep up with what's going on with you! If you'd like, tell me in five sentences what you've been doing in the past week or so. The books you've read, the movies you've watched, the places you've been; anything works. :)

I have just one week left in France. Before we leave, I'm hoping and planning to eat escargot, visit Point Zero Paris, and buy a book from the Shakespeare & Company bookstore. Next Wednesday we'll spend mostly in Paris (it'll be my fourth time there- and I cannot wait) and then fly home on Thursday. I'm actually really ready to be home.

So yep. That's what's up with me!


  1. I really wanted to go to Shakespeare & Company but we didn't have time. C'est la vie! As for the smell of pee everywhere? You get that in the car parks here. Disgusting.
    In the past fortnight, I've read The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake {brilliant} and Glitter {awful}. I've made a Napoleon hat & rosette, and played French playground games at school as an early Bastille Day celebration. Also, I've recieved a parcel of felt and a magazine in the post, as well as my school report. Also, I have watched it rain and I learnt crochet.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! And amusing story. :)

    Five sentences? I've been reading like a lunatic in order to finish the HP series before tomorrow night at midnight. I read books 5 through 7 in approx. four days, I think? I made a Harry Potter shirt. I haven't watched hardly any movies or been anywhere, because I've been reading. Say hello to the gorgeous Eiffel Tower for me, if you get the chance. :)


  3. It's good to 'hear' from you again! France sounds lovely, except for the bathrooms. Yikes. I like your photos, though! :D

    Have fun on Bastille Day!

    As for me? Much lazing around, various camps, some holidays (Fourth of July and my birthday). Just enjoying summer! Not the heat, though.

  4. first off, jealous about france and the fact that you can make friends with foreigns and have coffee, second i'm glad i get to pee alone.

    I've been reading. And catching up on Harry Potter for thursday. And visiting with my best friends. And hanging out at church. And sleeping late.

  5. France sounds like it's been amazing so far! Even with the strange (very strange...) bathroom situation, haha. I would probably have been feeling so awkward that I'd just force myself to hold it, haha! But I'm so glad you've gotten a chance to upload some photos and write a bit. Hopefully you will continue to have a fantastic time. :)

  6. It sounds amazing (minus the bathrooms) Have a great Bastille Day!!! Five sentences? Okay I'll try. : I saw Phantom of the Opera and am in love with it. learning the piano parts and the songs. Two weeks okay I went to a ball and it was great. And I watched Bride Wars and have a cold. And last week I turnd 18. Thats pretty much it.

  7. Ah France! You're making me want to go back. Though I definitely agree with you on the Co-ed bathroom thing. I never ran into any while I was there but yikes! Not a good idea if you ask me. Speaking of crazy bathroom ideas though, have you run into any European toilets yet? As in the ones where all there is is a hole in the ground and a sprayer to spray everything down with? Ya those were NASTY.
    Aw but the markets! I so miss those outdoor markets. And the cute little cafe's with the mini teacups of expresso. I miss seeing those everywhere too! If you don't mind me asking, what part of France are you staying in?

  8. Past week I had a great time with my best friend (you can read about it on my blog) we went to:

    - Amsterdam
    - Antwerp
    - Efteling (and saw a magical forest)
    - a graffiti festival
    - swimming pool

    and Monday I'm off to Thailand! Eeks!



  9. Aah we should be friends! Ok, I feel a bit like your stalker right now, commenting directly again after my original comment. I stumbled upon your blog, and only after your Efteling comment realized you lived in the Netherlands. How long did you live there and where? Seems like you are quite the global citizen as well :)

  10. I love it when you keep us updated with your travels. It's like we almost get to travel with you for a few minutes. :)

    Hmm, this past week? Vintage shopping, lots of reading and writing, and trying to find ways to beat this crazy heat. Oh, and going to watch Winnie the Pooh in theatres tonight. I'm such a child. And I love it.

  11. "There are a few things I cannot get used to, mostly co-ed public bathrooms and the smell of pee everywhere." I loved your little story about it, tho. So easy to visualize...and smell.


    Just thinking about trying to summarize what I've done over the past two weeks in 5 sentences makes me a little nauseous.

  12. Libby- next time though! I must read that book!

    Kristin- and your consensus on the movie is...?

    Kendall- that's the best part of summer! ugh I can sympathize with the heat!

    LF- enjoy peeing alone. I'm jealous ;)

    Natalie- haha I would have held it too, but it was too late by then!

    Autumn- I love Phantom. Have you read the book? It's an old favorite of mine.

    Haylee- nope on the toilets, but last summer I ran into more than a few squatty potties. it comes with the territory, I guess :)

    MDD- I love your blog. The end. We lived in Hilversum, and for two and a half years. I loved it so much :)

    Abbey- as soon as I get more stamps I'll send you a post card, ok? :)

    Capillya- this comment amuses me immensely. Glad you could imagine the smell. :)

  13. I am going to read the book soon. I have to find out where it is in our bookcases first.



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