15 July 2011

we're at the point where i start counting down.

only in France.  

I like slow shutter speed. 

 I don't understand why we don't have this in America. 

paul, a boulangerie also known as the french starbucks. they're everywhere.

 rhubarb ice-cream for libby

the not-so-iconic telephone booth in france. 

For a few days now, I've been really ready to go home. I'm tired of the pee smell, I'm tired of cramming onto the metro, I'm tired of the people with dreadlocks and mangy dogs (there is no explanation for this).

Now, though, I'm pretty happy with France. 

The language is so-so. I feel like I don't know enough to communicate, but, as my mom says, I won't learn anything if I don't try. And, it's really rewarding when I have tried. For instance, I bought an umbrella using my French yesterday.

Incidentally, parapluie is my favorite French word, meaning I've practiced it significantly more than other words. It's fun to ask for something in another language and have them know exactly what you're saying. 

At the same market where I bought my umbrella (blue plaid, 2.99 euros), we bought several scarves: one euro. I'm possibly never leaving France. 

Several days ago I had my first macaroon in honor of Miss Kaylie, my favorite cousin. ;) (this is a bit of a joke. she's actually the cousin of one of my favorite cousins. we haven't seen each other in years, but we re-connected over blogger several months ago. she's pretty awesome.) It was delicious, and I'm looking forward to getting more. They sell them everywhere, and as of now, I've just had the strawberry, but we'll see, maybe I'll branch out to something crazy, like the bright blue passion fruit. 

Just for Little Fairy, who's dying to know every single thing about France, last night I had a crepe with: vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, and salted caramel. It. Was Delicious. 

That's my life in France. I have five days left in Europe. Sunday we'll train down to Brugge, in Belgium, to hang out with my mother's bestest friend (the family we stayed with in Holland) and generally see the city. And, the moment you've all been waiting for: Paris on Wednesday. My mom decided that we might go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, which I haven't done since the first time I was in Paris (something that sounds a lot more stuck up than it really is) when I was seven. 

Lastly, the Bastille Day fireworks were so amazing. A full half-hour, non-stop. They definitely beat our 4th of July celebration. :)


  1. Re: giant slushee-making factory, PLEASE tell me they had a mango flavor?!

  2. I love these pictures!!!!! I'm starting to wonder if I wished hard enough wether I could go through my computer screen and I'llbe in France. I love the 6th photo! It looks a bit like the mermaids from Narnia to me. :)

  3. I just went to Brugge the other day and it is GORGEOUS!! The belltower was closed when I went, so if you would please climb it and take pictures? lol thanks. :) And you must take a canal ride. :)

  4. There's a slushie machine at school {obviously...} and it's broken. So I might have gasped when I saw the huge factory pictured! And that rhubarb ice cream looks so good!
    I think France is the randomest place in the world in terms of beggars/street performers.

  5. Capillya- yes they did!

    Autumn- I think you should try :)

    Caroline- I really wanted to climb it, but there was an awful line :P

    Lubby- I tried the rhubarb just for you...it was delicious :)

    LF- :D

  6. I tried. :( I'll go in my dreams instead!!!!!


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