04 January 2010

at this point, I'm just procrastinating

Today is the first day back at school. None of my chores are done. We have to take down the Christmas decorations later. I have over half my work left to do, and it's 11:30. Not a good day. Ok, so when I look at this is it seems really lame. I'm complaining because it's almost noon and I don't have my work done, but at the same time I'm sitting here writing a post because I don't want to do my work.


I hate going back to school. I don't remember where I am in any of my work, I don't remember what I learned before the break, and I don't want to work. Ugh. I guess I should stop procrastinating and get back to Latin. And Chemistry. And Logic. Bye.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Paper Bird!


  1. Okay, I am so tired of Chemistry at this point. Ugh. Thankfully though, we put our decorations away last week. Good luck and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, by the way I am 17.

  2. Me too. I hate it so much. We got ours down today, and our house seems so empty. You're welcome :)


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