16 January 2010


My life really isn't that interesting, unless I talk about when I was 6-10ish. Honestly, I mostly do school, go to church, hang out with friends, and... yeah, that's about it! Sooo, I hate it when I have nothing to say, because really, who wants to hear "I did Chemistry today. I still hate it. I'm reading a book right now, and I should be doing something else besides blogging."

(I would insert a question mark at the end of that sentence, because, technically, that was a question, but it was somewhat of an awkward sentence, and I don't know where to put it.)

So if you ever think that what I write is boring, pleeaassse tell me! And you know what's weird? I really don't talk like this in "real life" but my personality is real. If that makes sense.

This weekend was pretty much un-normal. (Is that a word?) Some of my best friends went to Taylor University with me last night. It was amazing. It was probably some of the most fun I've had in a long time. I loved it. It was great to be able to hang out with these youth leaders. They are amazing. It meant a lot more than just the fact that we got to go, it was partly that these leaders promised us that they would take us, and then they did. Last year, we had the same promise made, and then the leader who made in walked right out of our lives, and this sounds so cliche, but she never came back. Broken promises hurt.

We walked around campus (I sound so cool when I say that, like I always walk around campus at night) on Friday night, and it was gorgeous! It was super foggy, and the lights reflecting off the fog...and the trees halfway visible through the fog...it was beautiful. So, that picture is Taylor, but that's not really how Taylor looks, but I wanted to post it cause I'm really proud of it, and it may just be me, but I think it's pretty. :)

Yeah, well, we went back to the dorms and played some games, ate some pizza, and watched half of Prince Caspian. Everyone who had seen it slept through the whole thing, and the one girl who hadn't stayed up and watched it, but we never ended up finishing it. The next morning...I really don't remember what we did, but then we went to the best ice cream place ever and had lunch, and then we went home. Home being best friend's house until we had life group later on.

I really hate saying this, but life group was kinda a letdown. I'm sleepy, and I don't want to write tons about it, cause this is already really long, but I hate it when a friend who's super close gets a boyfriend, and then all she does is hang out with him. We do still exist, and we do still like to hang out with her. Sure, the quick hug before I left was all well and good, but it would have been nice if she had acted like she cares. Wow, after reading that, it sounds so mean! I'm really not a mean person, just a little sad because of my friend. :(

It was fun towards the end when we decided to build a gingerbread house. Ali had never built one! Can you believe it? Our house was abstract, mainly because it kept falling apart. My hands are the ones on the right that are COVERED in frosting and trying to keep it from falling down. We had a good time. Don't click on the picture, because now that I look at it again, it really looks gross.

I'm really sleepy, and I have to get up for church tomorrow, so umm yeah goodnight.


  1. Nothing you EVER write is boring! I really enjoy listening to someone so real. Where is Taylor and is it a Christian school? (At 17 I've been looking at colleges and I thought it sounded interesting) Hang in there with the whole "my-boy-friend-is-my-life" scenerio and sleep tight:)!!!

    Paper Bird

  2. Katie, I love you. And with going to Taylor, I agree. I felt the same way. I still feel a little sad that like it might have been partly our fault, but then I think and remember that I dont think it was. The friend thingy, I got ya there, I know what you mean. ha. I just cant write about that bc ~he~ reads my blog. The gingerbread house was amazing!!!! and Im super pround to be calling it my first :D
    Love you girl.

  3. Thank you! :) It's a Christian college in Upland, Indiana. I'll add a link to the post. ok I will!

    I love you too. Very very much! Yeah, it wasn't our fault! ha I know but you can always talk to me about it! It was pretty awesome!!! :D


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