13 January 2010

I try to be a rebelutionary, but I can't even finish the book

*If you haven't read the book, then click the link to read what a rebelutionary is*

So, I never did finish reading Do Hard Things again. It's so lame because I don't even have a real reason for not finishing it. It's a great book, it's really fun to read, and it's not at all boring, so maybe it's just because I'm lazy. I was in the middle of like, 6 other books at the same time (I actually was reading that many books at once.) and then we went to the library and I got more books... and, well, you know what happened then. It wasn't just that one book I didn't finish, I also stopped in the middle of Till We have Faces, by C.S. Lewis (which is an amazing book, I love it.) and A Severe Mercy, which is written by a guy with a Dutch name that I don't remember. My mom thought I was crazy for not finishing A Severe Mercy because it is one of her favorite books, and she said that she couldn't put it down. Anyways, now I have to start Do Hard Things again because I don't remember where I was (I had the brilliant idea to take the bookmark out of the book).

I started a different book a few weeks ago, never finished reading it, basically the same story as with Do Hard Things. But a couple Sundays ago I actually decided to start reading it again and it was good. It's called Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I really enjoyed it. Basically, it talks about how crazy God's love for us is (hence the title) and how a lot of times, we, as Christians, just kinda ignore it. We can't understand how wild and passionate His love is, but "when you're wildly in love with someone, it changes everything."

On the subject of books, I am so proud of myself. I got my little sister hooked on Ted Dekker. She just started reading Black, which is the first, or second (depending on if you start with Green or Black) book in The Circle Trilogy, which is no longer a trilogy, because he wrote a fourth book for the series. She's so funny because the main character, Thomas Hunter, is called Tom sometimes in Black, so that's all she calls him. In every single other book about Thomas he is called Thomas, never Tom. It would be like calling Artemis Fowl Art. My older brother and I, who are both huuuggge fans of Ted, give her a hard time about it. When she calls him Tom it makes her sound like such a newbie to Ted's books... which she is, but she doesn't need to sound like it.

-Random information about Ted: we have really close friends who know Ted (Their mom is like his sister) and they play airsoft with his family, and even call him Uncle Ted. I'm so jealous!-

Tonight: church later on, and my dad gets back from a trip. I cannot wait to see him! :) Have a great day!


  1. Alright, don't feel guilty about not finishing Do Hard Things because it took my three or four months to finish it. It is a great book, but I am interested in fiction more than non-fiction. (I also lost my place in the book, much to my dismay:) It actually got to the point where just "doing hard things" was finishing the book!!! Pardon the pun:) I got Crazy Love for Christmas and I am glad to hear it's good. Keep it up!

    Paper Bird

  2. That's how it is with me. I love fiction, and it never really gets old. But with other books... once you put them down it's hard to pick them back up again. It really is a good book! I enjoyed it! :D


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