06 January 2010


My little sister is almost as tall as me.

What? When did this happen?

Last time we checked our height, I was a good four inches taller than her. And it's been a matter of weeks. As of now, I'm only about an inch and a half taller than her, and that's stretching it. The sad thing is, she hasn't even hit her growth spurt yet. To add to the height issue, her legs are even longer than mine. It's crazy.

At least height doesn't matter. I'm still older, and that makes me in charge.

School is going fine. I've been back all of three days, and nothing has been too hard yet. Except French.

Now, I love French. This is my second year taking it, and though I'm not able to carry on a conversation, I would be able to understand snatches of someone else's conversation. The only problem is the typing. I'm learning it using Rosetta Stone, which is a computer program, and it works great. At the end of each lesson, it has me type most of the words that I learned into sentences. The French keyboard is so confusing!

For example, the Q and the A keys switch places, and the M key is where the ; key is. The period is Shift comma, and the question mark is Shift M. It is very confusing.

Another reason of confusion: male & female endings. In English, we do not have male & female endings for words. Take "quel." Translated: what. The male version is "quel" and the female is "quelle." And the word a. It has a male & female version, male being "un" and female being "une." It gets confusing.


  1. oh my goodness! we take french too, we just got french 2 so it's newer, but the old keyboard? ugh!!! so annoying!

    little fairy (as height goes, don't fret, i'm five feet even, as my nickname perfectly describes)

  2. do you like it? I really love it, just some of the stuff is annoying!

    ok well that makes me feel better :)

  3. yeah i like french even though it's my last year and i'm kida happy about that, i still like it.

  4. haha You'll always be my FRIEND Katie even if your sister gets taller than you!!! :) My brother's unfortunately gaining on me every time we measure!! haha I know French is pretty confusing, for me at least, but then when you hear other people speaking French you can't help but admire them!!! :D RAPIDS

  5. yeah I like it too. haha thanks Connor! :) I agree!


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