12 January 2010

i think this is an obsession

I love taking pictures of sunsets. Absolutely love it. I think that from this winter alone, I probably have fifty pictures of amaaaazzzzing sunsets. Tonight's sunset was super pretty, so here's the picture.

You wanna hear a really funny song? Look on YouTube for "Crayons can melt on us for all I care." Relient K has the goofiest songs.

Ohhhh! The new season of Psych, which is one of the BEST SHOWS EVER, starts on January 27th, and I cannot wait!

I really have nothing else to say about today. It was pretty boring.


  1. Wow, That is a really pretty sunset!!! :D Cool, neither can I!!! :D RAPIDS

  2. It was beautiful! I know I'm so excited! :D

  3. You and me both. :) Sunsets are just GORGEOUS!!!


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